Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I lost myself along the way.
Looking for me, I would sometimes say,
That I needed to do more things for me,
and that if I did, I would suddenly be
The person I knew I was sure to become.
It worked for most people, a few, maybe some.
And I lost myself, I don't know where I went.
Each hour and minute I searched, rashly spent,
Like sand in my pocket, a pocket with holes.
My mind troubled and trapped like a raft on the shoals.
Tired, I stopped searching for me,
And sat for a moment, and looked up to see
My eyes in the face of a tow-headed boy.
They danced in delight at some hand-crafted toy.
He smiled my smile, and then raced away
And my heart leapt as it saw me this way.
I followed his form as he drifted from sight
and then appeared a slight fairy, or sprite,
and she twirled and danced, and her hair was mine,
fanning out as she spun, gold in the sunshine,
She gently kissed me on my face,
and flew off with ethereal beauty and grace.
And as she vanished, I felt in the gap
of my arm a small push, and then in my lap
Was a waif of a tot, with pink rosebud lips,
She spoke not a real word, but mumbled a bit.
Her eyes were searching, and wide, like mine
And her hair wild, and airy, wispy and fine.
She pointed her finger at something nearby,
and I looked where she pointed, and let out a cry,
For there, on the ground, was a babe struggling forth,
on her hands and her knees, both covered with earth,
She looked up at me and her face lit with glee,
and she laughed and rocked and struggled towards me.
I lifted her up and held her to my breast,
and she, in turn, laid her head there to rest.
I looked down at her face as she closed her eyes,
and realized with no small amount of surprise,
that her fringes of lashes were dark and long,
Just like mine. Then she sang a broken song,
As if trying to imitate the songs that I sang
and at that moment, my heart felt a pang.
While searching for myself, I forgot to see,
that in my children were the best parts of me.
I found myself, all woven in them, by us three:
My God, my companion, and finally me.


Leland Brooks Evans said...

Awesome. I love it. Made me cry just a little.

Doodle On Yoo said...

Beautiful Dara! So so beautiful! The picture at the end sealed it. :)

Rebecca said...

very nice. made me cry a little too.

Trillium said...

me too!

I nominate you for the Pulitzer Prize!

Tina said...

Oh wow! That was so sweet! I loved it Dara. Your kids will treasure it always!!!!


Just beautiful!

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