I'm Dara.

I have the best life on earth.

I've got me five crazy wonderful kids, and a super foxy intelligent husband who supplies me with endless amounts of lined paper and love.

I like to think of myself as a Jack-of-all-trades. I write a little (love it a lot!), draw a little (it works as therapy, too), sing a little, and play the piano well, and the guitar badly. My new-found passion is cooking, thanks to several kind bloggers who share their talents and tasty treats with the world! You can find their blogs in my Blogs I Love.

You might be asking yourselves (well...I'm just hoping you are!) why "dandelion patch." Growing up, I would doodle, and my favorite things to draw were dandelions. When my kids came along, their little blond heads reminded me of those fields of dandelions I love so much, and so it was only natural that if I was going to talk about my life and family, that it would be coming straight out of the dandelion patch.

So, here I scatter my seeds about, and watch with satisfaction as my weeds sprout up everywhere.

I'm a Latter-Day Saint (*gasp*), and I know the gospel is true, so there's no point in trying to tell me otherwise.

I got me an edjumication at Utah Valley University (it was only the paltry Utah Valley State College at the time), and graduated Cum Laude in English. Yes. I will correct your spelling.

I've got a big ol' family. You will notice that I have never introduced anybody, but I always write like I am talking to my family. So, if somebody pops up, and I don't say who they are, they are probably related. Or at least, they should be. After knowing someone for years, they are automatically family. It's sorta like common law marriage.

Anyway, I welcome you all, and hope you enjoy your stay in my dandelion patch!
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