Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Sound of No Hands Clapping

So, I ran out of lined paper.

That's why I didn't post for almost a whole week (*GASP*).

And then I got sick. Thanks to Jeremy's wretched insistence that he kiss me. I mean, what, are we married or something?? Sheesh...I remember rolling over in the night and snuggling with Jeremy's pillow only to withdraw in horror as I recalled Jeremy used it to muffle his soul-racking coughs. I could feel the germs sliding off his pillow onto my face, and slinking their way up my nose and down my throat... *gag*

And I've had family in town, and have been throwing myself outdoors so that I can re-accustom my eyes to light (I was getting worried I might turn out like one of those cave fish that evolved to not have eyes anymore...I wonder if my eyes would move to the left side of my face if I lay on my right side long enough..?) and let my kids wear themselves out on the trampoline and with the obligatory cousin fighting-ness.

And then I got tired of the whole blog thing because I would obsess and check to see how many comments I would get after I posted, and then I would check the stats to see who visited, and then I would be all, "Hey, so-and-so come they didn't comment??? Wasn't I FUNNY ENOUGH????"

Imagine, if you will, a crowded hall. You are on stage, probably sitting on some sort of wooden stool. You are performing your little heart out, and then, you finish with a bang, and you sit with arms spread wide in "Ta-Da" fashion, and you know what happens?


Everybody just stares.

No cheers.

No boos.

Not even a random rotten vegetable is half-heartedly tossed in your direction.

You just get a bunch of glossy-eyed stares. No blinking even. Maybe somebody picks their nose, but that's it.

That's what it feels like when nobody comments (Now, I am not saying nobody like NOBODY, but I mean, come on...I commented twice on my last blog. That's just sad. And then I kept checking to see if people responded to my comments. That's even sadder.).

So, I got tired of obsessing. Usually, in the morning, I hit my blog first and then go to Facebook, and then check my email, then the news...I totally just started skipping my blog (and my email and the news) in favor of stalking people on Facebook and then cooking imaginary food and chopping down fake trees. Yeah.

I forget sometimes that I really just like to read and reread what I write. It's like Dad, I suppose, with his love of hearing himself speak. He and I are tickled by our own wittiness, and by golly, there is nothing wrong with that.

So, I am going to try really hard just to enjoy myself here on my blog, and forget that people sometimes stop and stare at the freak show that goes on.

P.S. Rotten avocados are gross, no matter how much guacamole seasoning you put on them.


Tyson said...

Just remember some of us (well, maybe just me) read your blog from Google Reader!

In that note though, I wish we could comment particular comments on our post. You know, like we can on Facebook. There's someone who comments on my posts and I have no idea who they are.

Anyway, I still love the posts and the drawings!

Tara said...

You can check to see who looks at your blog?!?! Do tell how this is done... And some of us (ahem, me) have periods of jobless time when most of our social interaction comes from blogger and facebook, so we try to limit how much we comment or "like" posts and statuses (?) for fear of coming off like lunatic stalkers. Just sayin ;)

Savannah Weech said...

I too like to re-read what I've written, but I've resigned myself to having only a few, if any comments on the blog. But, that's ok, because then I would feel all sorts of pressure to be hilarious and perfect all the time, and I'm not either of those all the time (although I'm perfect most of the time, but don't tell). In any case, I stalk your blog, and love it when you post! And definitely keep the drawings, they are hilarous!

You could have made an avacado milkshake, they are really yummy!

ptiouri- a noble woman spitting.

Trillium said...

A day without a "SHY"-blog is like a day without sunshine.

Just sayin' :D

word verification: phade
(happens in a day without sunshine)

Jen said...

I check every day, at least twice a day to see if anyone has posted a blog. I'm actually disappointed when no one posts. It's like a little escape for me to eavesdrop on someone else's life.

Think of it this way. If people didn't like your blogs, they wouldn't come back to read more, would they?

I'm not a poster person. Very rarely do I ever post anything (including my own blog). But I keep coming back for more. :)

Word Verification: repter
A person who keeps coming back for more, but never posts a comment.

Tina said...

I too love your drawings, love your posts and sometimes I just sit and laugh, tell Tyler all about your posts and forget to comment because I can't think of anything to say. I feel like I'm always telling you that you are hilarious!! You are and everyone loves you. Keep them coming. It would be nice to see some more pictures of your littlest Eden! I'm dying to see some baby pictures!! :)
But, I can relate with checking my comments though. I posted TONS of pictures of the twins with no comments and I'm like, "Hey, does no one care how cute they are?" Ha, ha, ha! J/K but still, everyone loves comments. I'll try to be better!!

Rasman Toes said...

You consistently make me "LMAO" but I don't ever have anything witty to say in response to your wittiness (?).

Word verification: suffred
You when I don't post unwitty comments on your blog even though you crack me up.

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