Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Because I don't know what to blog about, but must blog about something...

I LOVE Christmas.

Mostly because of all the cookies.

Every year, Mom would make two different kinds of sugar cookies, and butter cookies, and some other cookies I don't remember, and the Ultimate Christmas Celestial Super Cookie: The Russian Teacake.

I LOVE Russian teacakes. They are THE BEST COOKIE IN THE WORLD.


It had to be said twice.

I began making them every year after Mom decided cookie making was just not as fun as eating them. And then I decided one day, "gee, why do I only make these at Christmas time?" and made myself a whole bunch.

Now, the main ingredient in Russian teacakes is butter. In reality, it's just butter rolled in a few nuts and flour.




Anyway, so I would tell people it was the BEST COOKIE IN THE WORLD, and was always shocked when they had no idea what they were.

I mean, really??

Who doesn't know what a Russian teacake is?

So, years pass...

And I am at the grocery store.

And I wander over to the bakery (the only reason to go to the store) and then to my utter surprise and delight, they had boxes full of Russian teacakes.


So, I picked up a box and drooled, but then caught myself.

"Mexican Wedding Cakes" it exclaimed on the package.

What the freak is Mexican Wedding Cake?

In parenthesis, it said it was a butter-nut cookie, so I felt better.

A rose by any other name, I suppose...

But it got me thinking.

Which would you rather eat? A Russian Teacake:

Or a Mexican Wedding Cake:

I don't think I'll ever call what I make anything other than Russian Teacakes, but it always makes me a little sad inside when I think of them...

All cold, in their communist boxes...

Anyway, so I was thinking, what would other countries call them?

Perhaps in England they would call them Dinner Crumples?

In Switzerland, Edible Alps?

Hmmm...maybe I should stop.

The post is already stupid enough.


Rebecca said...

i love Russian Teacakes! I make them for Christmas too! I also experienced the Mexican Wedding Cake. Out here they don't taste the same as the Russian Teacakes that we make from Mom's recipe.

Trillium said...

The Secret Ingredient is the stuff that the "Ghost of Christmas Present" (in Dickins' "A Christmas Carol") sprinkles over every thing.

Katscratchme said...

I agree with Rebecca. Mexican Wedding Cakes don't taste the same. I've found them to be drier than Russian Teacakes too. :)
I need to get back into the habit of Christmas Cookie making... I've grown into a lazy baker since I had kids. :P

Doodle On Yoo said...

You just made my evening! :) I smiled (even though I have no clue what a Russian Teacake is, you'll have to make me some in July.) and got all warm and fuzzy. You always brighten my day!!!

Rasman Toes said...

American brunch snacks?

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