Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He said WHAT???

Here are a few things Jeremy has said to me that have made me laugh the last few days! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Heehee...

I stood in front of Jeremy, smiling dumbly, when he suddenly asked,

"Can you even see your feet anymore?"

Affronted, I quickly looked down and replied, "Of course I...oh, no, I guess not."

While pouring water over my belly in the tub, he remarked,

"It's like basting!" He left out "a turkey," and it was probably a good thing, since I was right next to my razor.

As Jeremy was looking at my belly, I quipped,
"Do you think 'I did that!' when you look at me??"
"Yes," he said, quite unashamedly. "Quite often, actually."

P.S. Whoa, I didn't realize I looked so old!


Savannah Weech said...

Yay for pregnant pictures!

Tara said...

WHAT?!?! Your husband saw you in the tub?! Dara... (shaking head)

shydandelion said...

LOL! Too much information??

Rebecca said...

That was funny! I had to share with my co-worker. She thought they were funny too?

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