Wednesday, June 24, 2015


So, a few months back I came across this:

I knew it was made for me.

Nobody else.

Just me. 

And maybe Emily. 


My little heart pined for this pot-swimming wonder, and I quickly tried to see where I could get one...or fifty. 

As luck would have it, everybody on the planet didn't get the memo about these being Daraness Monsters, and bought them all, resulting in them being back ordered until the next century. 

So, I stowed the whole Nessie ladle leedle leedle...sorry, I stored the Nessie ladle in the back of my mind until a future date when they would be less popular.


Well, they are STILL back ordered until the turn of the next century, but with my birthday creeping up, I pulled up an Ebay page from some guy in Israel who was selling them and left if for Jeremy to see coyly hinted that I might like one, and Jeremy, sweet man, ordered one for me, on Ebay of all places! 

Let me tell you (Oh, wait, I already told you what it's like waiting for a package from Israel...) what it's like waiting for a package from Israel...I wore out the tracking number button on the Ebay webpage checking every three minutes to see if my Nessie ladle was getting any closer. 

And finally, it came two days ago!


But nobody was here to receive it so it went back to the post office.


But I let Joshua babysit today, and rushed out first thing this morning and swooped it up from the post office!

When I handed the postal worker the note declaring my ownership of one Nessie Ladle, I expected him to come back with a giant box. 

Because, this Nessie ladle was going to be epic. 

This is what I was expecting:

 This is what I got:

Seriously. I don't think this thing holds more than about a quarter cup. That's not a ladle.... that's a slow train to cold soup with all the times you have to go back to fill up a normal bowl...

But I love him anyway.



Katscratchme said...

I love him too!! :)
What are you going to name him?

Trillium said...

Thanks for making me laugh. And laugh and laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

Neddie McNessieson. :D

Tina said...

I love everything about this blog post!! Ha, ha, ha!! You two make a perfect pair and he really is super cute!!!

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