Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Queen of the House

I've talked ad nauseam about the relationship Pepper and Jeremy are cultivating.

I just think it is super funny.

And this is my blog, so...

So, the other night, Jeremy was feeling grangey, and was rifling through our food storage, and found a can of tuna.

He drained the can, and plopped on the floor with a fork in hand.

He's such a weirdie.

He's been doing this his whole life, apparently, and while I like tuna, it gives me the jibblies to not eat it with miracle whip, pickles, lettuce, and bread. Straight tuna is just...just...tuna-y.

Anyway, as he forked the flaky fish fragments, Pepper bounded into the room, pupils dilated.

Her whole body was tense and her eyes focused in on Jeremy.

Jeremy was distracted, and didn't notice her disappear from the stairs, and reappear next to him .0002 seconds later from behind the couch.

She then proceeded to climb onto Jeremy's face while he attempted to keep eating the tuna.

"Wait, WAIT! AAAHHHH!" He yelled, shoveling the tuna into his mouth as quickly as he could.

Then he set down the nearly-empty can on the floor with an exasperated, "Gosh!" and Pepper detached herself from his person, and began a can-licking frenzy that lasted for quite some time.

It was awesome.

And Jeremy keeps insisting he's not a cat person.

Silly boy. 

1 comment:

Katscratchme said...

I drain the juice from the can into a dish. Patches comes running every time she hears me use the can opener. Sadly, she is often disappointed since I don't use tuna much.

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