Wednesday, November 19, 2014


So, I'm striding through my second trimester, like so:

Makes me feel like I can conquer the world, and then I have all these ideas about things I want to do, mountains I want to climb, enormous feats of strength and stamina, adventures to begin!

And then I remember that I'm effectively a holding cell for a very small and squishy human being, and I can't do all those things, even though my brain keeps telling me I must. 

Silly brain.

Kind of reminds me of the time I was driving with Mom from New Mexico to Utah, and when we hit Payson after 11 hours, my brain gently said to me, "It's can close your eyes for a little while..." and I sighed contentedly and did so until I was startled awake by Mom shouting, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!? WAKE UP!" 

I think my brain is trying to off me. 

Anyway, I have my hands full until I can actually climb literal mountains. I have half a mind to drag my fambily up to Timp cave this summer, because I'll be so full of energy or something. 

And I'll also be in PADANGUSTASANA when I give birth.


And will then do the Boston marathon the next day. 

While toting my baby with me. 


I'm Wonder Woman. 

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