Thursday, October 23, 2014

Creepy Crawly

I'm not a huge bug fan.

I tend to squish anything that crawls its way into my house. You never know which ones are going to bite you and give you some weird disease.

I mean, even butterflies creep me out when I take too close a look at them...with their creeptastic little feet and crunkly faces...*shudder*

Living up here on the mountain, I've seen more interesting bugs than I ever have in my life.

And as long as they stay outside, I'm cool with them living their little buggy lives.

Well, every fall, we have this cute, tiny, blue flying bugs that fill the sky. They are like little fat fairy bugs, and I have been kind of enamored with them.

(A also like the light green delicate mayfly things that come around...but only when they're outside.).

The kids would ask what they were, and I didn't know, so I just would say, "I don't know" because I believe in being straightforward and honest with my children. Yeah.

Anyway, Emily et al came over last weekend and we grilled hot dogs. As Jerm was outside managing the wieners, he exclaimed with delight, "Hey, Dara! Those blue bugs are back!" He then spent the next few minutes looking like he was having hallucinations as he attempted to catch one and bring it into the house.

He only succeeded in squishing a whole bunch, before he came in and he and Emily did a Google search for the blue fairy bugs.

I was busy at the counter, and turned when they said, "Here it is!"

I was kind of excited. I mean, now we would know what the magical, fat, blue fairy bugs were. In my head I was imagining that it would have a Latin name like Azuralis Faereolium.

Then came the crushing reality.

"'s a flying aphid."



A few nights later as we took our family walk, and there they were again, the blue, fat, flying aphids of grossness.

I dodged them, not wanting them to touch me with their tiny, diseased, aphid feet.

I hate the mountains.

1 comment:

Katscratchme said...

They're still cute.. I wonder if there are any really cool, furry ladybugs that can eat them. :D

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