Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm still here...mostly...

Not writing on my blog gives me a guilt complex.

Which is dumb, since guilt is probably the most useless emotion. Unless you have committed sin, and then it is very handy, but I digress...

I've been concentrating on zoning out for the last two months, and my creative juices are running rather dry at the moment. I pooled all that I had into doing random drawings that I posted to Facebook to the great entertainment of my friends, and then I was like so many raisins in the sun after that, all dried up and wrinkly...and a little hard...not fun to chew on at all...I probably caught the attention of some meandering ants, but after realizing that I was a wrinkly pebble, the moved on....

Anyway, making little people is hard work, and I don't like thinking about how sick I feel, so I have been doing everything in my power to forget that I am alive, and that usually entails me scrolling through pages of Pinterest for hours just so that the day will go by faster. I have really learned to hate my computer and can't wait until I am no longer incubating my offspring in pools of nausea-inducing HCG. The second trimester is around the corner, and I would be holding my breath in anticipation, but that wouldn't be good for me or my lima bean.

Some little rays of sunshine have shown through, though. Leah is commanding people with actual words now, instead of using just her velociraptor scream. "OPT IT!" she protests. It's cute. I'm sure it won't be in the near future, but for the time being, I'm enjoying her verbalizations.

Lily has equally been entertaining. Her penchant for slathering herself in lotion has made her repugnant to me with my overly sensitive nose, and I exclaimed one night, "ICK! You smell terrible! You need to leave..." to which she replied, "No, it not poofoom."


Yeah, I felt the same way. Definitely poofoom.

Josh and Eva have spent the summer battling at chess club, and Eden learned to use the potty in a record two days. That makes it 4:1 diaper ratio.

Pregnant with one in diapers. That's what I call victory.

I'll try and write more once I stop feeling sorry for myself.

Ring Update: Turns out, the ring DID make it back to Israel. I emailed the shop owner, and she informed me that the ring was on its way back to me via airmail. I was super ecstatic until I realized that I could look up the tracking information on Israel Post, and I found out that the shop had gotten my ring on the 31st of July....and they sat on it. For a month. Until I emailed the shop owner to let her know that I thought to package was lost, and asked her to let me know if it ever showed up. The ring shipped THAT DAY. Yeah. I'm kind of peeved. 

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