Thursday, September 25, 2014

I has the dumb...

It's funny how my brain works.

Like, last month when I was feeling super sick, I thought to myself: I know, I'll get replacements for myself at church, and then nobody will notice and won't wonder why I'm not there.

This went on for weeks, where I thought I was incognito.


People noticed.

And since my only reason for not going to church in the last four years we've lived here was because I was pregnant...well...let's just say they all connected the dots.

It happened again a few days ago.

I had a moral dilemma: Should I buy My Little Ponies for my kids for Christmas?

I mean, they are $25 a piece. And Jeremy wanted to get ALL of them if we were going to do it.

That's kinda steep for a stuffed, fictional animal.

I hemmed and hawed, and then finally thought, I know! I'll crochet them all!


That would take me forever.

And I don't like forever projects.

But I looked up all the patterns, and a good chunk of them were free, and that solved the money issue, but not the stress and time issue. I mean, I'd have to make six. And then Jeremy said he wanted one.


Seven, crocheted My Little Ponies.

I was starting to feel myself turn inside out with anxiety.

Then I had another thought...

What if I SEWED them all??

There had to be patterns, right?

Yes, indeedy-do.

So, I found all the patterns, figured out how much it would cost for fabric, and felt pretty good about it.

Until I realized it would cost the same as buying them from Build-A-Bear.

But, in theory I could make two to three times as many ponies.

Because I really want to make 25 My Little Pony plushes.

Yeah. I bought the fabric and patterns. Because it made sense. Lots.

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