Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lazy Summer Days

I've been thinking about writing.

But, life has slipped through my fingers lately, and I've let myself be swept away by the warm, summer breeze.

I've been "on" for so long, I have needed a break to coagulate. It's like I've been spread thin over too many pieces of bread.

I was starting to freak out about it, wondering if I was failing in every facet of my life, and so I prayed, long and hard, for many days.

And God told me to relax.

Just let everything fall away for a while.

And, astoundingly, I did.

I like it.

But, I still think about things I want to share with you all.

And I will.

Just not yet.

I'm going to let my tightly wound soul  unravel and pool on the sidewalk, and let my thoughts collect and put themselves in order first, when they are good and ready.

Until then, go blow some bubbles for me, and spread some dandelion seeds. 

1 comment:

Katscratchme said...

I've been letting things go lately too.. but that's mostly been laundry, dishes and basically anything that doesn't have to do with immediate need-to-live function.

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