Saturday, May 24, 2014

You're My Didgeridoo

You're My Didgeridoo
A Dara Card Original

Blue and freckled
Mean and lean
We're the glurbliest, wormiest
Spuffles we've seen!
We dance around 
And Sing and shake
We make the earth
And sky to quake!

You bow to me
and I bow to you
We poke eachother's eye
And kick off a shoe!

I race up a tree,
You follow behind,
You make a bird noise,
I eat an orange rind!

I tear up some leaves,
You lick a small snail
We bathe in the moonlight,
for our skin is too pale!

You push on me,
I tackle you,
I'm your spider monkey,
You're my Didgeridoo!

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