Saturday, May 3, 2014

Of Heating Pads and Sharing.

 Once spring hit Utah, the plants went crazy.

Which wasn't very smart, since this, after all, is Utah, and the weather is subject to severe mood swings.

Anyway, all the planties decided to burst forth in flowery glory.

And my head began to swell.

I have never had a seasonal allergy induced headache before.

And boy. Let me tell you. It's been a doozie.

It's lasted two weeks.

TWO WEEKS, people.

Have you had a two week headache before?

The only thing that really helped me feel better was our heating pad.

So, at night, I would turn that puppy on full blast, put it on my pillow, and let my head sink into it in fiery ecstasy.

Until yesterday.

The problem with being married is you have to share. Which is annoying sometimes.

Like yesterday.

You see, Jeremy has an ouchie knee. Which flared up.


I took my shower, having fantasies about that heating pad, and quickly showered, and hopped out.

I dressed quickly and almost ran gleefully into our bedroom.

I lifted up the covers, and gasped.

Jeremy had the heating pad.


To his knee.

"But..." I began.

Jeremy looked up at me with tired eyes.

"My knee really hurts, darling."

I said nothing, but laid down, my pillow not quite the same without its electric crown.

As Jeremy drifted off to sleep, he mumbled:

"Thank you for letting me use the heating pad."

I glared bitterly into the darkness.

"Well, I'm kind of cranky about it, so don't thank me..."

And then he was out.

Sigh...Looks like we need another heating pad.

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