Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cardinal Sin

I love to read.

I like the feeling of exploring new lands and meeting new people from the comfort of my home, wrapped in a blanket, with a candy bar near by. 

And since I am a hermit, I really, REALLY like books. 

Anyway, I've been reading, at Emily's suggestion, the Mistborn series by "Brandon Sanderson" (why did I put his name in quotes..? Oh well...). It's really, really good. I

Which is nice, since most of the books I have picked up over the last five or so years have undesirable content, and I end up taking my books back with a sigh and a grumble. 

Why do authors have to put in garbage? If you can't write without the smutty smut, then maybe you should find another career...just sayin.

Anyway, the Mistborn books are awesome. And long. 

The first book as over 700 pages. 

And the other two books are about the same size. 

I raced through the first book. It was like running a marathon with my eyeballs. So, it's understandable (I hope) that I was worn out from the experience. It took me a little bit to pick up the second, but once I had, I was off again. 

Another 700 pages.

(Did I mention the books are long?)

Last Sunday night, I finished the second book. I smiled as I closed the well-worn paperback (yes, I'm one of "those" people who break the spines of books, but considering the ink got all over my fingers, I feel like the book and I are even, and have an understanding). I stood up on my bed, and replaced the book in my Brandon Sanderson pile (it's not impressive....just the three books, but hey, he has his own spot). I slowly lowered my body to my bed as I looked at next 700 pages I had to read to finish the trilogy, and laid my head on my pillow, and started to fake cry. My eyes were too dry to make any real tears.

Jeremy looked up at me, his what-a-silly-woman look on his face, and piped up, "Just put it away for later."

I groaned, my pillow consuming my face.

"I can't..."

I started the book, but my heart wasn't in it. I was starting to resent Mr. Sanderson for monopolizing my life. I had THINGS to do. I don't know what things, but they were things, and I was responsible for doing them. 

Well, it just so happened that Jeremy was scheduled for a business trip. I was sad, since when he is gone I feel like a shell of a person. And I end up wanting to do bad things. Like eat lots of chocolate. And watch those "naughty" movies I won't watch when he's home, like "Failure to Launch," or "She's All That." I even scanned through Netflix for bad chick flicks in anticipation of glutting myself on female silliness. 

At the end of the day, I was too tired to do any of that (which is probably good). I laid down on my bed, and decided to read until Jeremy called. I crawled into bed at 8 PM....and I had to wait two hours since he had gone to a movie. Poop face. 

Anyway, I started reading, feeling bitter towards Jeremy and Mr. Sanderson, and evil thoughts started creeping into my head...

"Do it..." they said. "Even your DAD did it..."

Nobody was around. Jeremy was out of town. I had nobody to stop me...

...I felt my will crumbling and I committed the Cardinal Sin.

I flipped to the end of the book.


I will say, that I don't think I missed too much. I mean, I got the gist of the story, and I plan on going back to read the rest of it. And I liked the ending. It was nice and tidy. It even made me teary. 

I know it's not kosher to do this...and Dad shouldn't have told me that he does that sometimes. I felt like, "Well, if Dad does it, then it MUST be okay..." 

Fruit doesn't fall far, and all that. 

Except he doesn't eat chocolate. 

So, maybe I was tossed into someone else's orchard. I dunno.

It's making my brain hurt. 

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Katscratchme said...

Naughty Girl! I'm disappointed in you! For shame!
I haven't got very far in the second book.. Ben being home is distracting.

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