Thursday, February 13, 2014

High School: The Non-Muscial

I was trying to think of any horrible experience I had in High School today.

I couldn't come up with one.

Ah, the benefits of being homeschooled...

I have plenty from college, but I'll save that for another day...


But as I was thinking about high school, I thought about what I was like.

For some reason, I thought that I had to be absolutely silent in church.

I was the girl who would carefully zip my scriptures closed, and even more carefully tear out pieces of paper from my notebook, and then look around in horror if I made too much noise, as if everyone was watching me and waiting for me to make some hideous, solemn-moment-disturbing cacophony.

The odd thing is that I never felt bad about sneezing in church. Sneezing was a phenomenon that required no pardons, and I sneezed with impunity.

There were hazards to this, and there were many (many) hurried trips to the bathroom with my hand held over my nose and mouth because of all debris that had accumulated.

Aside from all the boisterous sneezing episodes, I was in constant terror of drawing attention to myself in some undignified manner. Along side this, was the ever-awareness that my soul was in danger of Hellfire, and I had better shape up or I was doomed (just to be clear, my parents and teachers NEVER, EVER said I was going to Hell...Quite the contrary, actually. Most of the time, they were doting and permissive. I deduced it from my ill behavior, and tended to be rather harsh on myself for being human). I was sort of a modern Puritan, and if I had had the clothing, I would have worn it.

Emily would often comment that I was an old person in a young body.

Maybe my soul was like Merlin, and I was aging backward, because that certainly isn't the case now...though, I do still have the stupidly annoying tendency to be responsible and often balance my bank accounts and think darkly of the future....

So, weird and awkward as I was, I managed to shuffle my way through high school unscathed (aside from being pursued by and then spurned by a boy who told me he didn't like me anyway when I told him I needed to wait until I was 16 to date him, and though I was broken-hearted, deep down I knew that it was for the best, since he was from the east side of the mountain and a hick...not that I'm bitter or anything...)

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Katscratchme said...

I think that your body finally caught up with your maturity.. You were such a buzzkill as a kid. Now you're the kind of fun that any grownup can get behind.. I mean that will all the love and compliments I can muster! :)

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