Thursday, January 2, 2014


This year is going to be crazy.

I'm sort of excited and sort of terrified.

Dale is putting the house up for sale this month, and I'm hoping and praying that the house doesn't sell before we can find somewhere else to live (makes me wonder, though, since I'm sure Dale is hoping and praying the house will sell, if we're both good people, praying to Heavenly Father, which one of us will be answered...or will the paradox make Heaven explode?)

I've been praying that we'll be guided to where we need to live, but then I also remember that scripture about not being commanded in all things, and then I wonder if God is going to let us figure it out on our own, but then I'm like, well, what if we pick a house, and we're not smart enough to figure out which one is the right one, and what if we pick a house and then ask if we're supposed to go there, could we ask if He thinks it's okay? What if we're supposed to move to another state? What if we're supposed to rent instead of buy? What if we aren't as good as we think we are, and don't qualify for help under the "faithful" clause found in so many scriptures??

Really makes you evaluate your life.

But then I sit back and remember that, in the end, what matters is what you do with your life, not necessarily where you live it.

So, no matter where we end up this year, what matters is keeping faith, and just rolling with it. After all, life is only for a little while. Best not to wrinkle it all up with worry.

But I will.

But I'll try to keep in check.


Ha ha!

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