Saturday, December 21, 2013

Picture Perfect

During our Thanksgiving dinner, we were talking about how we perceive ourselves. Apparently, when most people look in the mirror, they rate themselves five times more attractive than they really are. 

Five times. 

That's a pretty huge margin. 

I tend to look in the mirror and think, "Good golly...really?" 

And that's probably because in my head in look like Tinkerbell.

No, really. I think that.

So, it's a huge disappointment everyday to look in the mirror and realize I look more like one of the lost boys than the green little fairy. 

But that's okay. Jeremy likes me anyway, and humors me by saying that he captured a fairy and tore off her wings so she wouldn't get away. 


That sounds way creepier now that I have said it out loud. 

Any way, because of my non-Tinkerbellness, I haven't taken pictures for over ten years. It's been a combination of I'm-too-fat-and-or-too-ugly-and-or-awkward-in-general-and-specific to take pictures. 

And I've been able to get away with it, since I never felt that I was allowed to have my picture taken at Kiddie Kandids while they were still in business since I wasn't a child. I don't think they ever said that, but I was too afraid to ask, and didn't want to look silly for asking. 


Anyway, over the last few years, a whole bunch of my friends have picked up photography, and even started their own businesses. I finally decided that I needed to just bite the bullet, and have family pictures done. 

The WHOLE family. 

Including me. 

My good friend Chris is going to be in town, and has agreed to spend some of her vacation snapping some pictures of us all! I'm super excited. She's really talented. I have high hopes that her magical photographyness will make me look like more fairy-like. 'Cause she can totally do that.  Magical. Yes.

After the photo shoot is done, I will quietly not take pictures for another ten years. 

I'll post the photos here, so you can see the whole family together, all fancy and coordinated.

Don't worry...

I'm not doing matching denim. 


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