Sunday, December 29, 2013

Next Year....

Christmas is over....

The new year is before us...

I decided that my new year's resolution will be to become a morning person.

And then I realized that I would fail the very first day of the new year because I will have stayed up late the night before...

Sort of a paradoxical kind of thing.

And then I was thinking about next Christmas.

This year, I made everything for the kids (except for things like socks and candy, since I don't want to make socks or candy...), and I thought myself rather clever for doing so, until I realized that I still glutted my children with things, and they ended up fighting over who got what....well, no...Eva fought everyone for what they got, and then cried a good deal in a crumpled heap on the floor because she didn't get a crocheted unicorn.

So, I was thinking what I thought last year.

Next year, we'll have an experience for Christmas.

Like, maybe we could go somewhere fun.

Like Disneyland.

Or the beach.

Or to some other landmarky thing.

And skip the presents, so that we could enjoy the day, and not stuff. Just enjoy the experience, and enjoy just being a family.

Sounds awesome.

Of course, I have five children, and the harmony and peace I imagine existing in those circumstances is probably far-fetched.

But it's worth a shot, right? 


Trillium said...

Sounds like an excellent idea!

(Sounds like someone else I know who said the same sorts of things 20 years ago or so.... :D )

Bethany said...

My parents gave our kids a trip down to San Diego and Legoland for Christmas. It was awesome. We loved it.

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