Monday, December 9, 2013

Fatty McFatterton

I tend to think the best of people.

Or animals.

So, when Emily informed me my cat was fat, I was in complete denial.

And it troubled my soul.

How could my cat be fat?

It's not like we were feeding Pepper lard and twinkies.

She had her dispenser of kibble, and that was it.

I mean, the two or three times we gave her some tid bits of fried chicken couldn't make her fat.

But the more and more I thought of it, and studied my furry friend, I had to admit she looked like a furry, squat hot dog with a tiny head and legs.

So, I began researching on cat food.

Turns out I may as well have been feeding Pepper lard and twinkies.

Kibble is basically potato chips for cats. And my cat is apparently what is known as a "gobbler." (Meaning, instead of eating her kibble like a dignified little cat, she was eating it was her first and last meal, and if I sat closely, I would probably hear her snorting in ecstasy.)

The best thing to feed little beasties is raw meat. (But that's a long story I don't want to go into unless you want information on raw-feeding your pets, but I'll probably just redirect you to Google searches if you ask....).

So, needless to say, we switched Pepper over to her new diet.(....well, if you REALLY want to know, we feed her ground up chicken with eggs, taurine, EFAs, and liver powder. I don't recommend sniffing liver powder. It's really super gross. We also gave her the giblets from our Thanksgiving turkey, but she looked completely offended, and refused to eat them after her first sampling. Don't blame her, I guess...)

She made no complaints.

In fact, she grew more affectionate and perky.

She was hopping around all over the place, and playing.

It was like she finally got what she always wanted!

And she thinned out a little.

I then decided last week that we needed to scale back her portions again, because she was still a little more round that I'd like.

She then began producing loud complaining yowls throughout the day, and would follow me down the hallway biting my legs.

Sorry, Pepper. It's for your own good.

And you are starting to look more like a cat instead of a hot dog. 

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Katscratchme said...

Awesome! Fatty kitty! :)

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