Sunday, November 17, 2013

Quiet Times

I went to the temple Friday and did a session in the Provo Temple.

I haven't been since February.

A small, pink bologna loaf has kept me preoccupied for months. 

As I sat meditating, I asked what God wanted me to do...what do I need to teach my littles...

And He said, "Teach them about Jesus." 

And He didn't mean just telling them the stories.

He meant teaching them who Jesus was and what He stood for when He taught here on Earth. What He is like now, how He loves, how He would treat others. 

He wants me to teach my children what my parents taught me.

It's a big task, and I don't feel adequate, but no matter how imperfect my knowledge, what I have I must pass on. 

This world needs believers and followers in Christ. 

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