Thursday, November 21, 2013

Encyclopedia BriDadica

Dad taught for 35 years. 

And every day, without fail, he would study before he taught a class. Even if he had taught that particular lesson one hundred times. 

He's just thorough that way.

It paid off abundantly. 

I would frequently go to his office and ask him all sorts of questions, and because he had continued to be a student while he was a teacher, he could give me 3-dimensional answers, and leave me feeling all pink and glowy, all full of knowledge. 

At some point, Dad decided that he needed to write down his vast amount of knowledge, and has subsequently published several books for his children, so that when he is gone, we can alternately eat his hoard of Werther's Originals and flip through Dad's paper brain for answers. Our very own Encyclopedia BriDadica. 

Or maybe he wrote it down so we stop calling him up at all hours with our questions. 

Probably both.

P.S. I was just thinking...Dad stays in his cave all day...on a pile of Werther's candy...He's totally a dragon. The wrappers are even gold! And he probably has a bevy of riddles at his disposal. Now all he needs is a dragon name...Pmaug of Hy Mountain. 
The Infatuation of Pmaug

Far over the Hy Mountain cold,
In dungeons deep and caverns old,
Lives a dragon dandy, atop his candy,
His handkerchiefs to fold. 
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