Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Time To Grow Up...

Have you ever been in a seemingly never-ending cycle?

You stay up super late watching TV, and end up curling up in bed three hours past your bedtime. When you wake up in the morning you have a TV hangover, and swear to yourself that you're never going to do it again. You drag yourself through the day, tired and stressed out, in desperate need of some serious down time. You take a nap, because your body forces you to. Suddenly you are full of energy, and when bedtime rolls around, you don't feel sleepy because you had a nap, and then you stay up late, watching TV, too wired to lay down and rest when you are supposed to.

And, no, I don't know this from extensive experience, or from a near-addiction to Netflix and Redbox.


Anyway, it's from experiences, erm, similar to these that have made it clear to me that this type of behavior indicates a lack of adulthoodness that is essential when you are, well, an adult.

And especially when you have children.

Children are like little amplifiers that follow you around broadcasting your innermost emotions.

So, typically, my children can be seen skulking around the house, grumbling and outright brawling with each other, biting, hitting, screaming, arguing and generally being the minions of the DehVeel.

And I know this is completely Jeremy's our fault.

When we don't do what we should be doing, we are forfeiting our position as good parents.

I have noticed a lot of core beliefs that Jeremy and I hold to not having that needed follow-through.

1) Go to bed! It makes you healthy and energetic, adding years to your life!

2) Eat super clean! It makes you healthy and energetic, adding years to your life!

3) Exercise! Do yoga! It makes you healthy and energetic, adding years to your life!

4) Hold family scripture study/prayer/home evening/PPIs, all while reading to your children, playing with them, doing nails/projects/crafts, while simultaneously baking yummy foods to give to neighbors, and making sure there is a piping hot dinner on the table every night at 6 PM sharp, followed by a soothing bedtime routine that leaves everyone blissfully slumber-like and submissive to their pillows and asleep by 7 PM! It makes your relationships healthy and energetic, adding years to your life!

I frequently go over this list in my mind and my head starts to overheat, kind of like when your computer has had too much and the little fan turns on. That little fan always makes me panic a little, and I wonder if my computer is about to die. And my head has no internal fan. So, once it starts getting hot...

Anyway, I know what the solution is for all this.

I have to give up those thing that are keeping me from what I should and, ultimately, want to be doing.

It's time for me to grow up.

And that makes the little girl in my head that likes to eat piles of chocolate and thousands of chips while watching millions of episodes of Sci-Fi TV shows gasp and shudder in uncontrollable weeping. My only comfort is that there is a little boy sitting next to me with a pile of red vines and dried mangoes with his face in his hands snuffling back his tears.

And all of this had become rather more poignant since Dale has decided to sell his house.

You know...the house we live in.

And he has not only decided to sell it, he has decided that, no, he's not going to put it up for sale in January.

No, silly mortals...he's going to put it up for sale now.


So, it's time for us to scrape all our pennies together. We have to grow up and buy a house.

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Tina said...

Love your drawing!! It made me giggle. Good luck buying a house. It could be fun... good luck growing up. That part is not so much fun. :) I don't know. As parents we have earned the right to stay up late and eat junk food but I guess we shouldn't do it every night. Balance in all things right?

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