Tuesday, August 6, 2013

All of the sudden...

Rodney Yee is my hero. 
When I decided to homeschool Josh three years ago, our relationship was...how shall we say...rocky. At best.

I didn't get him.

He was all boy, and impulsive, and crazy at times. I was all about order, precision, perfection, and other words starting with Ps and ending in -tions (I can't think of any, but I'm sure there are lots).

It's been a long journey.

But, all of the sudden, it seems, he became my little man friend.

I actually like spending time with him. I mean, I did before, but it's different now.

He's reached the age where I can have conversations with him, and discuss things with him on a higher level.

While Jeremy was gone, Josh was my right arm. It was nice to be able to rely on him in small ways, and I think it made him feel useful.

And Josh and I discovered when Jeremy was away that Joshua loves Yoga.

I had the kids in the room with me one afternoon while I was trying to center myself with the universe (And Rodney Yee...he's awesome). Joshua plopped himself down on the couch, but after a few minutes he was on the floor struggling to do Cobbler's Pose.

He made his way through Mountain Pose, making comments about how the different positions hurt, and ended his practice with a simple cross-legged pose, with hands in prayer position.

It was awesome.

That crazy, impulsive little boy centered himself for 20 minutes.

He's asked everyday since then to join my Yoga-ing. It's fun to see him enjoy something I love so much, and find so much peace in.

I heard somewhere that you will do your child the biggest favor if you can teach them how to meditate. I had no idea how to even approach the idea, but apparently Yoga has done it for me!

I look forward to Josh's progress. I think Yoga will really help him learn to quiet his mind.

I know it quiets mine.

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