Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Frank Discussion

Curiosity gets the better of me sometimes.

Monday morning, I turned on my computer and went through my normal routine of checking my email and the news.

I was greeted with headlines about Miley Cyrus and her "shocking" performance at the VMAs.

Now, I don't have cable, or TV of any kind. Jeremy and I hear about TV shows and then seek them out online so we can avoid most of the detritus that floats about on public broadcasting (though, surfing the web has its own issues, but that's a topic for another day...or not...that would make one boring blog...).

Since I had no clue what everybody was being so fussy about, I clicked on the Comcast video that featured her performance in all its gritty glory.

It was vile.

But not in a "whoa, this is sexually explicit" way (though it was that). It was vile in a "whoa, this is totally embarrassing" way.

Miley was attempting to do a variety of things, I think.

1) She was trying to prove that she is an adult.
2) She was trying to shock people.
3) She was trying to make a buck by selling sex.

Now, the first one I really don't care much about. Miley isn't an adult, and hardly has the body of one, and until she can put some clothing on and sit demurely with her ankles crossed and her tongue in her mouth where it should be, I will continue to think of her as a wayward child who is acting like my 3-year-old, who likes to strip herself nude and run around screaming, "I'm naaaaaaaakkkkeeeddddd!"

And I have no interest in her shock value. It's an old hat worn by many Hollywood types, and does little for their credibility.

The final item on her "to do" list is another old hat, and she didn't wear it well, but it's an old hat with lasting effects.

Hollywood has turned sex into something shabby.

Hollywood is in full-blown Sodom and Gomorah mode, and if I'm reading the signs of the times correctly, they aren't going to be getting better anytime soon.

It's shared with anyone and everyone; it's to be given on a whim; it's raunchy, indulgent, depraved, without conscience, or consequence. Marriage is optional.

And that's not what it was designed for, nor is the behavior without consequence.

On the other side of this, in diametrical opposition, is the camp that says Christian people (or any people for that matter) should look at intimacy as a means to an end (children) and should therefore not focus on the enjoyment of the act, as it is (or could boarder on) sin. (Here is a great article I read refuting this absurd concept).

I think this is almost just as bad as treating sex like the Hollywooders do.

Sex isn't just an action. It's a partnership. It's, as one wise person asserted, the glue that holds a marriage together.

It's beautiful and sacred, not to be shared with the multitude of the lust-ridden or given away carelessly like so many sticks of gum. Nor is it to be neglected or used to inflict shame on your spouse. It requires effort, understanding, thoughtfulness, patience and tenderness. It's about selflessness, harmony, friendship, and closeness. And it's also about having a great sense of humor.

Intimacy literally turns two people into one, and if they have the right spirit with them, they draw closer to each other emotionally and spiritually.

Within the bonds of marriage, two people can become partners with God to bring little blobs of squishy love into existence, creating families. It's not just an obligation to do so, but a joy!

Hollywood can keep their cheap, shabby imitation.

I feel sorry for Miley. She, and so many others, have looked beyond the mark, and have built themselves an idol made of ash.

And I feel sorry for those God-fearing people who have tramped on a sacred gift from God, and dubbed it unclean.

And it is a gift. 

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Katscratchme said...

I wondered what all the hoopla was about, too. I watched it and wondered if it was a joke. It was so outrageous that I couldn't believe anyone could possibly have agreed that the performance was a good idea.
Bad clothes, bad dancing, bad behavior, bad, bad, bad.... I found nothing redeeming in it at all, and considering how understanding I can be, that's really saying something.

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