Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some days...

Dedicated to Kristin, who, no doubt, is now regretting asking me to draw pictures of turtles...
Yesterday was a magical day for me as a mom. My heart over-flowed with love for my little people, and I felt like, to some small degree, I succeeded, excelled even (which is probably why I felt so tired at the end of the day...being awesome is hard work, when you aren't used to it...Well, I'm used to being awesome, but being an awesome mom is a whole different thing entirely). 

Then there was today. 

We have rules in our house, stupid rules, but rules nonetheless. 

Rules like, "You can't play in Eva and Eden's room. Ever." We have that rule because I hate that they make the bunk bed messy, and I'm the only one who can fix it, since they are too short/weak/lazy to tuck the covers in how I like them. I used to forbid playing in there because they would mess with Gigi's organ, but I solved that problem by unplugging it. Only took me a few weeks to realize I could do that...

This morning I woke up thinking, "Gee, it's so great that the kids have been so good about not playing in Eva and Eden's room! Maybe I can take down more baby gates since they have shown self control!"

Spoke too soon.

I found them in there, acting like a bunch of crazy people, and my anger skyrocketed when I saw the bunk bed.

I passed out a bunch of spanks (yeah, yeah, yeah...), and then put everyone in timeout. 

I lugged my giant 8-year-old to his room, and announced, "IF I EVER FIND YOU IN THAT ROOM EVER AGAIN, I WILL SPANK YOUR BOTTOM!"

He looked unimpressed.

"TWENTY TIMES!" I continued.

He raised an eyebrow.




Ah, there it was....the fear and insulted/wounded facial expression.

Win for me. 

I wouldn't ever do it...and so I lose since I threw out an empty threat. 


I sent Jeremy a text that I needed a hug. 

So he texted, "hug," to me.

Needless to say, it didn't take. 

So, if anybody wants to come over and give me a long hug while I sob loudly and wipe my nose on your shirt, you are more than welcome. 

I'll be sitting on my bottom eating graham crackers in the pantry, so just let yourself in.


Katscratchme said...

It seems to be going around. My kids were wonderful little angels this morning.. playing with their beautiful paper dolls that I MADE for them..
After lunch, they turned into screaming, yelling, fighting monsters.. :\ Not fair, as Josh would say.

Tina said...

There's something in the air!! My kids have been going crazy all week and I've about had it. I'm currently in my locked room because Tyler said I could have some much needed alone time but the kids won't leave me alone and keep finding a way to unlock the door. Sigh... I hope you have a better day tomorrow!! Hugs to you from me!!!

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