Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I ain't no monkey...

Joshua turned to me at breakfast this morning, his face simultaneously full of glee and shame as he announced, "Our early man book has pictures of boobs."

I knew he brought this up because we've had discussions about being modest and not looking at each other naked (and probably because he saw me in my birthday suit last night when he got up to get a glass of water right before I jumped in the shower... I guess I need to start wearing a robe...).

I asked Josh to bring me the book, which he eagerly did, and he even showed me the "boobs."

I couldn't help but giggle...

They could only be called boobs in theory.

Plus they were attached to a female monkey type who was with other naked monkeys types.

I looked at Josh and asked him a simple question.

"In who's image were we created after?"

He squirmed for a minute, unsure.


I blinked for a long moment.

"God, Josh...we were created after the image of God. We were never monkies."

I looked down again at the stringy-boobed monkey chick and decided she needed some Sharpie action and took her to the kitchen where I proceeded to make her and her female companion some shirts. They could probably have done with some pants, too, but their excessively hairy legs made it unnecessary.  Plus, halfway through coloring the shirts in I started to wonder why I was caring about a book about evolution...

So I stopped coloring, and put the book up to toss later.

But then opened it up again a minute later and finished filling on the shirt outlines I made.

Then I threw it in the trash.

Take that, Darwin.

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Trillium said...

thanks for making me laugh

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