Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paper Sword of Death

"Mommy," Lily announced. "This is my sword."

She then brandished the paper blade Joshua crafted  for her moments before, using his imagination and a whole lot of scotch tape.

"I kill you," she said flatly,waving her sword at me, and smiling a little mischievous smile. "You dead. I kill you."

I merely nodded, trying not to disturb nursing baby.

Lily gave me a satisfied smirk and ran off.

"I kill mommy. She dead," Lily declared, running down the hallway.

Must be another case of wishing the boss was dead. Must have asked her to clean up her mess too many times today, or must have insisted too strongly on her eating her lunch before she could have chips.

That's okay.

If I had to be fictitiously killed by a paper sword, I'd want it to be by Lily. 


Jennifer said...

In my head I could hear Lily say,"I Kill You," like Achmed the dead terrorist. :)

Katscratchme said...

Too cute.. that aggressive little sociopath. :D

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