Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The scientist

Mom once said that babies and children are the best scientists.
They aren't afraid to test, taste, try things. Not afraid of getting dirty. Not afraid of getting dirty things in their mouths...

Eden is in this fun stage. It's all about testing limits, taking off clothes, putting things in order, carefully pulling things out of a box, and then carefully putting them back in.
 It's really fun to watch...

...until it isn't. I seriously don't want to buy any more crayons until she is 12.

The day before yesterday, she was following Lily around the house, since Eva and Josh were gone playing with cousins. Lily (who is in the process of potty training) had done her duty in the potty, and I instructed her to wash her hands. She pulled the little step stool out, and washed her hands at the kitchen sink

Eden thought this was super awesome, so she climbed onto the step stool, too, after Lily was done. Lily then asked me to put a movie on for her, and as we started out of the kitchen and down the hallway we heard this:


Made me laugh really hard. I then told Lily to help Eden off the 6-inch foot stool, which she happily obliged to do.

Later, Eden walked up to me, with great concern on her face, and said, "Chi ozthe."

I looked at her blankly.

She repeated herself.

"Chi ozthe."

It took a second but it clicked.

"Oh, you want Cheerios??"

She laughed in affirmation, and was rewarded for her efforts.

Lily came up right after, and rapidly emptied her brain full of ideas onto me.


"Um, do you mean potatoes?"

"Yes!" She exclaimed.

She then jabbered on some more, her excitement mounting as she was able to express herself with her tiny words.

She then repeated again.

"Wehavesoupfordinner?....." She paused. "Po-ta-toes?"

I laughed heartily, and she grinned.

Dad said that the children on his mission weren't afraid to correct him with his language, and that he appreciated that. More little scientists.

I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to be immersed in a language I don't know and speak with broken words. You gotta hand it to little people for being unafraid, and eager to figure it all out.

I love having a house that is a testing ground and I love my fearless little scientists.♥


Katscratchme said...

I have to keep reminding myself that is what my kids are doing too. Sometimes I think that the kids are experimenting more on their mom than anything else in their environment...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Yeah they are... :D

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