Friday, June 21, 2013

The new weight-loss system

Sorry that it's been so long since I've updated on my weight-loss progress.

The kids got sick, I got sick, we had family in town...

So, after my awesomely awesome week of walk/running 20 miles, I intended on upping the ante, so to speak, and hit 24 miles.


That didn't happen.

Joshua got sick, and I couldn't bring myself to drag the poor coughing mess outside for 1.5 miles just to meet my goals. I hit 13 miles and called it good for that week.

The next week, I did maybe 3 miles, and then got sick.

And I haven't gone any this week. I don't think my neighbors would appreciate having to resuscitate me on the giant hill next to my house.

My plan is to go on a walk with the family on today since Jeremy is home from work. And then maybe go to the zoo...or somewhere that's not my house...I'm super stir-crazy.

I have managed to lose 10 pounds since starting this whole program 8-weeks ago (yay!). Part of it was from exercise and watching what I eat (no cups of sugar after 7 PM), and a HUGE part of it was being sick.

I don't recommend this, though. Whatever zombie-ebola-death I had I wouldn't wish on my enemies.

When I wasn't sick, I saw the greatest results when I was not eating after 7 PM. It makes a huge difference. Try it! You won't be disappointed!

Just hungry.

Ha ha!

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