Monday, June 24, 2013

Drift off to sleep...

Can I just say I seriously regret not taking more naps?

Let's drift off to sleep....ahhhh..

Rock-a-bye baby, on the cliff top.....

No-Drop Zone
Leah has finally decided sleep doesn't equate death.

I think it's funny how infants fight sleep so much, and act like it's impending doom, or some such thing.

She's also become quite pleasant to be around. For a while there she was Banshee Baby of Death, but you can't say that to an infant because it only incites more crying, so I settled for calling her a "Crank McGank."

I don't think she liked that either, but the "K" sound is satisfying to say when you are frustrated.

The funny thing is I am more tired now that she is sleeping more. What's up with that?

I was reading something, or someone told me about, some sleep study done on college students, who are notorious for staying up late and getting up early, most only getting 4-5 hours of sleep (gee...that sounds familiar...). They took the sleep-deprived students and put them in a pitch-black room for some long length of time (I think it was two weeks) and observed what they did. The first week, the students slept for something like 20 hours (maybe it wasn't that many, but it was a lot...much more than is normal), and after that week, even though they were in pitch black, their bodies would only sleep for 8 hours. The conclusion was that there is no such thing as over-sleeping (unless you are a responsible adult, and you don't get up until 11 and you were supposed to be at work at 9. That will get you fired. Just sayin'...). The body will sleep as long as it needs, and will play catch up if you deprive it, and then will regulate (in theory).

My question is this: Why did they waste this study on college students? How come they didn't do parents, for pity's sake? We're the ones who need it.


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Katscratchme said...

I think what it comes down to is having a consistent routine that your body can anticipate. If you're going to bed at all different hours, then of course you're going to feel tired if you try to wake up at the same time every morning. I do not follow this advice... I go to sleep when I'm done doing what I'm doing... :P

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