Saturday, June 1, 2013

Because I really like cookies...

I've been avoiding you.

All of you.

I was supposed to update you all on my, erm...progress.

I mentioned this to Emily yesterday, and she said, "OH YEAH!"

We had this conversation during our Anniversary geo-caching double date with our hubbies (it turned out to be more of a Ben-and-Jeremy-climbing-through-the-underbrush-while-Dara-and-Emily-stood-around-watching-and-talking-about-stuff thing than an actual date...).

"Yeah...I've been avoiding writing a blog," I confessed. "I haven't really made any progress..."

Which was my way of saying that I didn't lose weight, I remained the same, which was a huge blessing considering all the treats I ate last weekend due to Leah's baby blessing, and my lack of self-control when it comes to chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

I felt poorly about this, and my blogging absence, and then, with the help of the three other double daters, ordered 6 different kinds of root beer to soothe my searing conscience. This turned out to be a good thing, since the food wasn't all that great (except for the fried mozzarella disks and seasoned squash), and the bottled rooty beers turned out to be highly entertaining, and we even caught the eye of the manager, who probably rolled her eyes at our antics and the bottle music that some of our party were exceptionally good at making. I felt like I was on the tea cups ride at Disneyland with all the fizzy bubbles and hooting sounds. It was epic.

I did, however, manage to walk 17.5 miles last week. It was an experiment to see if I could lose a whole bunch of weight without doing a DVD. I actually did, but that was all undone by above-mentioned weekend snacking. I love to bake, and it will be my undoing. Someday I will be found dead under a pile of baked goods, with tears streaming down my cold, rigid face that were caused by the absolute joy that my chocolate chip cookies turned out perfectly, and by the soul-crushing agony of the fact that I ate them all.

I will do better about posting. I feel accountable to my readers, and by golly you deserve to know that I have about 3 drops of self-control running through my body.

I also have a whole bunch of drawings on the docket to sketch out and scan into my computer. It just takes so fricking long to produce them, and I tend to not want to pin myself down to my lined paper and pen since Leah is a time bomb waiting to go off. BUT, I will do it, I promise!

So, look forward, friends, to next week, when I will give you an honest update and some stick figures for your entertainment.

Signing off to eat some gummy worms and mini Rolos....

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Katscratchme said...

So worth it.. but I think I'm going through sugar withdrawals today. :(

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