Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Forever Alone...

Okay, so, as promised, I'm giving an update on how last week went.

I weighed in on Monday of last week at 172, and as of this Monday, I weighed 170 (that was with my clothes on...weigh myself naked? Ain't nobody got time fo dat.). Two pounds ain't too shabby, but it would have been nice if I had lost a different two pounds than the same ones I keep losing. And, no, it has nothing to do with the $14 of fudge I bought at Cabela's last Saturday...Absolutely nothing...Oh, how I love you, Butterfinger cheesecake fudge, and you, rockyroad fudge, and I won't forget you, raspberry cheesecake fudge, and let's not leave out the decadent peanut butter cup fudge...holy fudgeness...

I also managed to pump out 13 miles of walking (I probably walked closer to 15, but wanted to round down just in case my internal distance gauge is like my internal location gauge, and I'm off...and lost...), and did four exercise DVDs. Can you say sore? I can. But only weakly.

I feel rather proud of myself! Let me know how your efforts are going, so I can be your cheerleader. Ha ha!

Anyway, the fudge thing has brought me to today's healthy living tip.

Never, under any circumstances go shopping under these conditions: you are tired, mad, sad, bored, or hungry.

Our family excursion to Cabela's on Saturday found me cranky, tired, and hungry. That is a recipe for disaster on its own, but throw an entire counter specifically set aside for a thousand different flavors of homemade fudge, and you've got Armageddon.

Growing up, I would watch Mom make fudge. It was was was absolutely fabulous! And it was also completely and horribly unhealthy (sorry, Mom, but it's true). But I suppose that's why it tasted so good. I still fantasize about it sometimes....yum...

Anyway, so I have this soft spot for fudge. And that's probably why my whole body is one giant soft spot.

And the ladies at the fudge counter weren't helping. They were more than happy to let me sample every flavor, and by the end of sampling I was so sugar overloaded that my brain stopped working and I bought six large pieces of fudge (hey, it was more economical that buy four, you get two free...).

That box was heavy.

Jeremy wandered by the Fudge Vortex while I was sampling the fudges, and he got sucked in, too. My kids were covered in chocolate by the time we left, and Jeremy topped it all off by buying a slushie at the in-house deli. Because the kids really needed more sugar... But, I have to give him props for trying to be an awesome dad. ("Sugar to the kids? Check. Dad awesomeness established? Check.")

I looked to Jeremy at one point hoping he'd encourage me to shun the fudge, but he didn't. He knew I was cranky, tired, and hungry and he just shrugged when I looked at him with pleading eyes. Maybe he thought I was begging FOR the fudge....hmmm...looks like we need to work on our communication skills.

The whole Fudge Fiasco led me to an important decision.

I can't go shopping with Jeremy anymore. He just won't say no to me. I don't know if I should chalk that up to him having a huge soft spot for me, or if he's just afraid of what I'll do if I don't get what I want (what can I say? I have a mean glare...).

So, on top of not shopping when I'm not in my right mind, I have to go alone.

I'm really good at telling myself no, surprisingly.

I can walk by the candy bars and tell myself two things: 1) they will make me fat and 2) they will cost money.

These two things really bother me. But they don't bother me when Jeremy is around. It's like he's my human permission slip to Irresponsibility Land.

So, there you go. That's my tip for you (and for myself) today. Go shopping alone, well rested, well fed, and happy. If you can't manage to be all those things, then think of all the money you will save by not going shopping at all! Ha ha!

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Trillium said...

mmmmm FUDGE!!! come to think of it, I AM hungry, now that you mention it ....

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