Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wasting Time

As I sat on the chaise in our bedroom last night feeding Leah, Jeremy looked over at us while I patted Leah on the back in between sides.

"You know," he said. "If you just add the colored hair, she would look just like a troll doll..."

I laughed...and then the cogs began to turn in my mind...I snapped a few pictures with my phone, and today came up with these: 

 Pretty epic, I would say...I was rather proud of myself for my awesome Photoshopping skills. But I wasn't really satisfied with the results...I mean...she doesn't LOOK like a troll doll....So, then I came up with this:

Nailed it. Ha ha ha! I probably should spend my time doing laundry or making dinner or something, but those don't seem nearly as much fun. Sigh...I should blow up the last one super big, frame it, and then display it in my living room. My daughter's first photo shoot. Or maybe I should send them to the in-laws as birth announcements. Warms the cockles of the heart. And nobody would ever forget her birthday. Sounds like a win-win! 

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