Monday, March 4, 2013

Get me off this crazy thing....

 "I've been coming here every summer of my adult life, and every summer there she is oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling... smiling. I can't take this no more!"  Squints from The Sandlot

Epic moment...If you haven't seen The Sandlot I highly suggest you stop reading this blog, go watch it, then come back. Best. Movie. Ever. (aside from all the Jane Austen and other girly movies I can't live without). 

If you haven't done as I suggested, the basic gist of the scene with Squints is that he is in love with the life guard at the pool. He finally takes matters into his own hands and pretends to drown, which sends the life guard (the beautiful Wendy Peffercorn) into the pool, where she rescues him, drags him out onto the pool deck and starts CPR, to which Squints reacts by wrapping both arms around her neck, and turns CPR into something else, making it worth all the effort of drowning and the subsequent eternal banishment from the public pool. Awesome.  

Anyway, the whole point is that I feel like Squints. 

After being in "labor" for the last two weeks, I can't take this no more!

I've actually come to the conclusion that I will actually never go into labor.

I'll just keep being pregnant for the rest of my life. 

Which, as I told Jeremy, probably won't last much longer anyway. 

And he'll be a widower with four children....

He responded by saying, "Well, at least I'll get $250K when you die." 

Isn't he romantic? I consoled myself by thinking about the $500K I'll get when he kicks it. 

On a happier note, the Media Fast was great! I spent a lot more time with the kids. I painted fingernails, read books, did lots of laundry, printed off about 100 coloring pages for the kids, planned a whole year's worth of FHE, made dinner most days, made cookies a whole bunch of times, and actually went to bed at a decent hour! 

The sad part was how much withdrawal I went through. I'm used to having down time where I can zone for a while, and I didn't have that. I had to sit in a chair and learn to zone while Lily and Eden snuggled with me and squished Baby X. 

I had lots of "I can't take it no more!" moments, which resulted in everyone taking a nap. Naps are great. 

I'm a little worried about what kind of a messed up wreck I'm going to be if after I have the baby. O_o 

I think that means I need to eat more cookies. Lots more cookies. 

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Tina said...

Love that movie as well!! It's almost over. I didn't even know you were due yet but how uncomfortable to be in labor for 2 weeks. I'm sorry. Sending "real" labor vibes your way right.... NOW!!!

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