Saturday, February 23, 2013


Our stake is doing a media fast for the next week! I'm super excited about it since I haven't been able to do an actual fast (going without food for a period of time) for many moons. Ha ha!

So, it basically means that my family and I will abstain from TV, movies, non-uplifting music, internet, etc. for  seven days. The whole point is for us to connect as a family, do productive things, and become more in tune with Heavenly Father.

So, you'll just have to do without my super exciting blog posts until next Monday (March 4th). Unless I feel inspired to blog about stuff going on here.

But my guess is that I will have my hands full actually watching my children, since their cartoon privileges will be revoked, along with my Pinterest rights.

Baby Update: Went to the hospital again last night with steady contractions. The nurse reassured me, as she told me to go home and I sobbed into my hospital gown, that I was in labor and I shouldn't feel bad. It's just they couldn't keep me because I'm only 36 weeks. She told me to come in any time, which basically means I will not go in unless a) my water breaks or b) Jeremy finds me in a fetal position on the floor with excruciating contractions of death. It's just too hard to go in and not stay. It's like standing in a line at Disneyland for 3 hours only to find out it's just the line for the bathroom. The men's bathroom.  


Trillium said...

I think the media fast is inspired and inspiring. Burying oneself every day in the tidal wave of Media becomes an addiction. And that's not "metaphorically-speaking." Satan uses it to separate mothers from their children, and vice versa... and God's children from their God.

Les said...

It is the absolute worst thing knowing you are in labor and the hospital tells you to go home. You are so excited to finally hold that little baby and to be sent home is awful. You are only 36 weeks along and I hope the baby can get cooked a little longer. Also good luck with the media fast that sounds awesome!!!

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