Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Heat Seeker

We got Pepper when Lily was a baby. So, it was like having a new born and an unpotty trained toddler in the house at the same time.

An unpotty trained toddler without diapers.

After I introduced Pepper to the litter box, it took her quite some time to figure out how to poop inside the box, instead of just standing in the box and pooping over the side.

We've come a long way since then. She poops inside the box. She doesn't bury it, but hey, I don't poop in there so whatever floats her boat.

Anyway, after overcoming the whole poo thing, I got pregnant and since I was (am) her favorite person, Pepper took to sitting on me when I sat down. Well, more like straddling me. She would jump up into my lap, knead me for a while and then wrap her paws around my protruding belly. Occasionally, she would bite my belly affectionately and blink lovingly up at me.

I thought it was rather cute and touching that she liked me and my baby so.

I mentioned it to Emily, glowing with my cat-love.

"Yeah, she probably really likes your body heat since you are pregnant."

Pop went my balloon.

I immediately knew Emily was right.

Pepper loved me because I was like her own personal radiator.

So, when I got pregnant this time, she came calling again and I'm still her favorite seat in the house. I'm not sure how Baby X feels about this. I mean, I can only imagine it's super annoying to have tiny feet repeatedly push down on you.

But, I still have the romantic notion that maybe, just maybe, Pepper sits on me because she loves me and my unborn baby, and that I'm not like some metaphorical pile of gold for a tiny, warm-blooded dragon.


1 comment:

Les said...

I think all cats are that way, my cat is always sitting on a vent or on our laps. She can be cute.

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