Monday, November 26, 2012

Workin' Hard, or....

Jeremy is an engineer.

Or, so he tells me...

Because his company does a lot of contract work for the government, he is limited as to what he can tell me about what he is doing. In a nutshell, he creates drawings whereby things can be built.

So, when he calls me up during the day to tell me what he's up to, and because I only get a vague idea of what exactly he is doing, I imagine this:

And then I start laughing, and tell him he really should stop drawing pictures of unicorns. He then tells me that he should probably stop taking naps at his desk, too, to which I reply that maybe they should stop having graham cracker parties in the hallways, to which he replies that they should definitely stop skipping down the hallway holding hands. His work seems like a jolly place! Makes me a little jealous. 

With my imagination running amok as it is wont to do, when Jeremy told me the turkeys had arrived at his work (their yearly bonus) I imagined this:
I think I need to get out more. Or maybe I should just stop getting pregnant. It's messing with my head. 

I suppose I shouldn't feel melancholy about semi--non-existent possibility of Jeremy eating cookies and drawing unicorns all day long...I mean, that would be super hypocritical. 

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