Thursday, November 29, 2012

In the

Emily's huberoo is in basic right now. As in, basic training. As in kick-your-tooshie-army-man-making-muscle-bulging-fighting-machine-producing training. 

Makes me glad I've been able to sit on my computer chair the last 5 months and slowly lose my bone mass and become something akin to a marshmallow: squishy, pasty white, with rolling on the floor potential. Hopefully, I won't become too stale. Nothing worse than stale Dara. 

Over the last few months, Ben has told stories via Emily about his experiences, and they have tickled my fancy enough to do some doodles. I have fantasies about making t-shirts, but we'll see if that ever happens, since I'm, well...a boneless marshmallow. 
All the fun happens in the cafeteria...

Apparently, if you don't walk crab-like in line in the cafeteria,  and you are caught, you will be ordered to shout out "SIDE STEP!" as you  make your way, crab-fashion, through the line.

And, if you end up going against the flow of traffic, and are caught, you  will be ordered to shout out "BEEP BEEP! WRONG WAY!" as you make your way upstream, since turning around would be too easy.

And if you are caught taking more than your fair share (or one scoop) of the vitals offered, and are, again, caught, you must shout out, repeatedly, "ONE SCOOP ONLY!" 
I'm not entirely sure I would like basic. But I think I'd stay there long enough to break all the rules just so I could shout loudly to my hearts content. As it is, I only rarely get the chance to do it at home. Jeremy gives me the opportunity every now and again when he tries to check his e-mail when I need his help, and I tip my head back, with no small amount of glee, and let go a wailing, gutteral, impressively loud  "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" that goes on for quite some time, since I have, due to my ribs being the way they are, lots of space to fill up my lungs. Most favorite thing EVER. Come by some time! I'll do it unprovoked for your enjoyment! 


Katscratchme said...

I call dibs on making the "Beep! Beep!" Tshirt... hm.. where do you go to get a tshirt made?

Anonymous said...

I made one online, but I didn't like how the shirt fit. I think I may go all crafty and buy fabric pens and freehand some stuff on a shirt I like.

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