Monday, September 24, 2012


"Mommy?" Josh asked, his mouth full of spaghetti. "What's the most magical thing in the world?"

For a split second my mind wanted to give Joshua a serious, straight-forward answer that would keep his sensible mind on track. But then Crazy took over, and I replied whimsically.

"ME!" And I smiled really big.

"No," he replied, his voice dripping with amused disdain. "I mean, something that is the most magical thing in the world!"

"Me, Josh," I said, attempting to look very serious. "I'm so magical I make babies in my tummy."

"No, mom..." and when I feigned woundedness, he amended. "Well, yeah, your tummy is magical, but I mean..."

And then everyone at the table laughed.

I do feel magical. I think all of us are.

Well, at least Jeremy is. And maybe we have made magical hybrid children. Yeah...

A few days ago, I was in the kitchen at the stove pretending to cook and a light on the over-the-range microwave went out.

Simple enough fix, I thought. I unscrewed the cover where the dead light bulb was decomposing, and tugged on the light gone out. No dice.

I pulled really, REALLY hard, and then the screwdriver in my hand grazed the inside of the microwave.


And the whole thing went dead.


I climbed up the step stool to unplug the microwave, hoping against hope that if I unplugged and then replugged it that would magically fix everything.


When Jeremy got home, he suggested that maybe I had popped the circuit breaker, so I toddled over to the storage room and opened the fuse box, and sure enough, there was a lonely fuse button facing away from all the others. I flipped it, and then ran into the kitchen. Jeremy plugged in the microwave and it burst to life, fan blowing enthusiastically.

Jeremy pressed the vent button, and it didn't do anything. The vent kept going. I started pressing buttons, and the light button managed to make the vent go from high to low, but not off. bad.

We quickly discovered that replacement parts were super expensive, and the likelihood of us buying a whole new unit was high.

On the weekend, Jeremy finally had time to look into the problem, and he took the machine apart. There were a lot of wires. He tried explaining to me what wire did what but my brain went into survival mode and started playing reruns of the Care Bears.

I came to when he said six little words that make me shudder: "I think I can fix it!"

Jeremy is quite the handyman, but him fixing things means I have to be without a husband for an unknown amount of time, and being pregnant and high maintenance makes that hard on my psyche.

"Look," I said. "I have budgeted it into our budget (yeah, I'm articulate) to buy a new microwave...let's just do that..."

Jeremy then descended into his man hole, and whipped out his man tone that said he wasn't going to hear anything I had to say until he had at least tried, and stop stepping on his ego, thank you very much.

I threw my hands up, and sat down at my computer and unintentionally posted insulting thing on my Facebook page.

Jeremy carefully tore apart the motherboard of the microwave, and then called my attention to it.

"Yeah..." he said grimly. "This is bad."

I looked at the green board with all the wires and what not, and there was a big, black explosion site.

"Yeah...I did a good job." Turns out, the explosion came from my tugging on the light bulb, not from the screwdriver. That probably would have killed me.

I thought for sure that would be the end of it. New microwave, here we come.

Then he said it again: "I think I can fix it."

"Knock yourself out."

Jeremy then pulled out a soldering tool, wire and my nail polish remover. My own little McGyver.

He worked for a while, filling the kitchen with the smell of burning, and after an eternity for him (it was like five games of Bubble Safari for me), he was done.

"Okay...time to see if it works..."

He put everything back together, and then we stood there staring warily at the microwave. Jeremy timidly plugged it in, and we gasped as the fan didn't come on. Jeremy raised a shaky finger to the vent button, and then drew a deep breath and poked it.


He poked it again.


And again.


"I'm amazed that worked," Jeremy mused.

I was thrilled, but not surprised. Jeremy is magical....


Trillium said...

"Magical Me' -- sounds like a book ... haha

Sarah Stufflebeam said...

Oh, that's too funny:0)

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