Thursday, August 30, 2012

Politics and Religion

Update: I've included some links to help clarify some things.

I don't usually tip my dainty toes down the political lane, but given some things in recent history, and the call by Elder Cook to not be silent  I am going write today about some things that have been on my mind of late.

I don't know how many of my readers aren't Mormon, or, rather, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

But that's irrelevant I suppose, since the political leanings of members of the LDS faith can vary greatly from person to person (and this comes from personal experience).

But, as I've been thinking about the goings on in the political world at this time, what with the Republican National Convention in full swing, I thought, "I wonder what people think a typical Mormon believes, and what motivates their vote?"

I've played with the idea that most people think that all Mormons will vote for Romney solely based on the fact that he is Mormon.

Fact is, Harry Reid is also LDS, as is Orin Hatch. I take exception to the former, and have doubts about the latter.

No, for me the political campaign isn't about religion. It's about who can best fix the mess our country is in.

And I gotta tell ya...I don't think Barak Obama can fix the 1,000,000,000 Lego piece mess his has created. I can just imagine him sitting on this gigantic pile of tiny squares not having the slightest idea how to begin, and him getting the brilliant idea that maybe it would help if he had MORE Legos, and then crunches down the mountain to order some more, because, you know, that will really help.

And, in my opinion, Romney is the Lego King. He can (potentially) make all those little Legos jump around and make themselves into something. Kind of like those awesome people who can solve Rubik's cubes in under a minute.

Does his religion matter to me? No, except that I would hope, as I would hope with ANY candidate running,  that if they are truly religious that they actually practice what they profess. What if they aren't religious? Well, that's fine too, but I say good luck to them trying to run this country without God's help.

So, religious orientation plays little part in my voting trends.

That being said...

The other thing in popular media that has bothered me is the upheaval between those who are pro gay marriage and those who are pro traditional marriage.

I am pro traditional marriage. Why? Because of my religious beliefs.

I am sure that makes some people very angry.

Do I hate gay people? No. I think they are just like me, children of a God who loves them unfathomably, and Jesus said to love everyone, so that's my quest, to love all mankind (which is hard since some people really grate on me, and I have to remind myself that all are sinners and fall short before God, and that includes me.)

Do I agree with their choices? No, but I don't agree with a lot of people's choices, the difference being that most people's choices don't effect my life.

"How could gay marriage possibly effect your life? It has nothing to do with you!" some might say.

Well, I guess what troubles me is that through this whole thing, there has been talk of requiring churches to marry gays when homosexuality is against their tenets.

See here...


 Is this right?

I have to answer "no." The government should not have the power to force churches to do what they want. And that is why the pilgrims came to America in the first place: to escape government tyranny. And that is what the founding fathers fought against and because of their success we have this free country.

To some this may seem unfair. Why can't gays be married in the church of their choice?

Unlike the laws of this country that can be altered, adjusted or completely dissolved on the whims of those in charge, or by the majority vote of the people, God's laws cannot be changed, no matter how much we sinners may want them to. You can't change the rules in the game just because you don't like them. God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He doesn't change. His rules don't change. We may be given more rules, as we progress and become better people (like the lower and higher laws in the bible), but His rules don't change.

That is, I believe, what is going on in the minds of Christian Americans who are pro traditional marriage.

So, it's not about gays (or at least, it shouldn't be). It's about protecting sacred beliefs, beliefs founded in scripture.

I don't understand with my mortal mind most of the mysteries of God, but I have promised to defend what I believe, and I will do so, at the risk of being hated for it. Because it's not me against the faceless "them," the "them" that think my beliefs backward, or intolerant, or narrow-minded.

It's between me and God. I will have a day of reckoning at some point.

And that should be enough to motivate any person. 


Anonymous said...

I don't know who you've been listening to, but no one who is serious in the media has ever suggested that the government would force churches to marry gay people. The fact is that the government has made marriage a government issue, and since there are serious spousal rights involved in that decision, these rights should in all fairness be extended to all citizens of the country. What the churches do is there own business. A church marriage has never been the same thing as a civil marriage anyway. They are distinct and separate entities.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, it goes back to people voting based on their beliefs. At this point, it's a majority vote that is in effect. That is how all things have been dealt with in this country. I was mostly addressing the feelings behind the votes, that it isn't, or shouldn't be, an issue of prejudice. It's people attempting to maintain what they believe to be right, based on their religious beliefs.
As far as where I heard about the government forcing the churches to accommodate homosexual weddings, look here.
It didn't pass, but that didn't stop the governing power from trying.
Here's another one for you:

KTLADY said...

Hi. I like you. And I agree with you. I'm wondering if Anonymous forgot the hateful and violent demonstrations acted out by disgruntled homosexuals in California when Proposition 8 was up for vote. They put the lives of temple workers in danger to the point that the temples had to be temporarily closed. Christian churches all over the state were being bullied and terrorized because of the mere belief that God sanctified marriage to be between a man and a woman. We all saw the hate and turbulence on television. No one can say there was anything appropriate about their behavior. The were definitely not tolerating religion.

KTLADY said...

And yes, the point being that they wanted to force churches and temples to allow same sex marriages to be performed within. I thought that was common knowledge.

Trillium said...

The "thought police" (the enforcers of whatsoever is deemed "politically correct") would love to silence you by making it illegal for you to express your viewpoint. Most Politicians are extremely fearful of being labeled politically incorrect and too often end up being wishy-washy (cowardly). Chik-a-Filet was slammed for stating their viewpoint on the definition of marriage. Their rights were trampled on and taken away in an instant.

Bravo to you for the courage of your convictions. Bravo to Boyd K Packer who set the example for us in this matter! Bravo to Samuel the Lamanite, who spoke whatsoever the Lord put into his heart to say, in spite of the efforts of his listeners to kill him. Standing for truth and righteousness is what is expected of each of us in these last days. The other thing that is expected of us is to reach out in love and with service to all of God's children; to invite them to come unto Christ.

FINDING PEACE IN 2012 said...

Hey, thanks for your comment. It really helped cheer me up. I think you are right: there is a greater purpose. After some introspection, I think I was put in my in-lawed family to help pioneer a new path and break some very old, toxic patterns. And it's less about affecting the current family as it is preparing my posterity for a different life. Breaking family cycles is a tough business, especially when there is so much resistance when I try to live a different way of life than them. Brandon and I are having to come to terms with the fact that we probably won't have a close relationship with his parents or siblings in this life and that's hard to swallow. But they don't have a close relationship with each other and prefer to have everything very superficial. So how can we expect differently? It has always been hard for me not to be liked by them. And I always hoped it would change with time. But they still don't really even know me. The only thing they know is they don't know where to have me fit in the family. I like to think they are baffled by my pure awesomeness! Ha! If only that we're true. I will hang onto your advice: seek a higher perspective because their is a purpose in all things. I wish we lived closer! I really would start our own square peg club, complete with chocolate cake of course!

FINDING PEACE IN 2012 said...

You obviously didn't follow the links that were provided. And I have seen other such references from very credible news sources in the past. Even if it's not a serious issue now, I'm positive that it will progress to that. Family is a central and integral part of society. As it disintegrates, economies fall. Look at France for example.

But I guess the main difference is that I view homosexuality as a behavior, not an identity. I believe in tolerance for all people, and hate to see name calling against homosexuals. But at the same time, I should be able to practice my religious beliefs without persecution also.

FINDING PEACE IN 2012 said...

And by the way, this was a very well-written post. At times, it's easy to start thinking, "yeah, maybe it's an individual choice that they should be able to have-- marriage that is." but then I remember, it does affect me, contrary to what they want others to think. Places like NY where it is legal are doing their best to start indoctrinating kids from the age of 4 up into a skewed sense of human sexuality and normality. Teaching masturbation, same sex attraction, etc to children that should still be living in innocence!!!! And that's just the start of what their mission is. I appreciated the reminder from a previous commenter of the violent reactions when prop 8 happened. Where is their tolerance? I personally have worked with homosexual people. I respected their beliefs and they respected mine without us feeling the need to change each other. If only there could be more tolerance on both ends of the spectrum, without the pressure that we need to meet in the middle. It is between them and God, whether or not they believe he exists. And me and God. But I always try to remember that they ususally had something that happened to them at a vulnerable age that skewed their sexuality. Despite what some want to believe, it is not something you are born with. Every homosexual I've known, has experienced something painful and traumatic to make them feel the way they feel.

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