Thursday, August 23, 2012

Magic Tape

My being under-the-weather-pregnant has been great for the kids' creativity.

My normally OCD nature has been put on the shelf since I only have so much energy (which is usually exhausted around 9 AM after I manage to pull myself together and make some toast for everybody). So, the liberal use of crayons, scissors, construction paper and tape has been in effect since I don't have the energy to stop them from their artistic endeavors.

I have even let Lily use scissors.


It's asking for trouble, but watching her cut everything into tiny pieces is highly entertaining, especially when she tries to cut tape, and it gets stuck to the end of the scissors and she furiously shakes the poor thing to get the stuff off.

They, at first, wanted to use glue, but I drew the line there, since glue tends to get everywhere, and for some reason they fought over that more than tape, so the glue went out, and the tape became the new sticky commodity.

Eva has made taping an art. She made a crown the other day out of "hearts" and because of its paper nature, was falling apart sadly with its much use, so her solution was to just tape it. After a few days of wear and tear, her paper crown was now a tape crown with some paper accents. She looked like a hobo wearing it, so when she left it on the counter one day, it mysteriously vanished into the garbage.

She also devised some piece of art using tape and paper, and it could only be described as her Opus No. 4: A Pink Explosion. Brimming with pride, she mounted it on the wall in the kitchen below the other, slightly more famous paintings.

In my haste to clean everything yesterday, I removed it from the wall and it mysteriously vanished as well.

I'm wishing I had taken a picture now.

I need to document my budding artists. 

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