Monday, July 2, 2012

My Skinny Rules

I've been thinking about this for a couple of days, and I wanted to share some things that have really helped me stay on track!

Not that I have lost any weight whatsoever, what with my birthday, and Tara's bridal shower, and our  anniversary, and our obsession with celebrating the weekends...not that losing the same five lbs every two weeks doesn't have merit. It's just super frustrating, and those little fat cells are getting tired of being filled and deflated, and they are currently staging a coup with the cheese cake I just ate.


The first thing you should get if you don't already have one is a full-length mirror.

I got one just a week ago.

I've been drooling over the ones they sell at Tai Pan Trading Company, but haven't gotten one because spending that kind of money on a mirror seems...well...vain.

It was the BEST thing I ever did. Nothing tells you where you are at more realistically than a full-length mirror.

I stood in front of it in my PJs after we installed it in our bedroom, and I cocked my head at myself.

"Jeremy?" I inquired. "Do I really look that skinny, or is this one of those carnival skinny mirrors?"

He looked up from the bed where he was reading, and cocked his head.

"Yeah," he replied. "You look that skinny."



Wow! Of course, Jeremy has notoriously bad vision, so I'll just take that with a tiny grain of salt, put the grain of salt under my pillow, and then stand in front of my skinny mirror for a while admiring myself.

So, get a full-length mirror. It might tell you that you are smaller, or bigger, than you think you are, but it gives you (hopefully) a more complete picture of what you are working on.

The second thing you need is a good cheerleader.

After dinner last night, Jeremy and I walked Uncle Dale and my MIL to the door, and passed by our shoji screen-covered treadmill. Jeremy remarked on it to Dale, and noted, quite proudly, that I run a mile on it every day.

I immediately felt the need to hop on the thing just to prove that I do use it, and even though I had planned on doing it the next morning, Jeremy's praise made my determination all that much more solid.

Nothing like a little cheering on from your best friend to make you push a little harder. Not that Jeremy jumping up and down next to me waving pom poms wouldn't make me run harder....

The third thing is to wear tight pants.

I am a huge proponent of yoga pants. I think they are a super fantastic invention, and if I had my way I would wear them every day. Oh wait...I do. BUT, the problem with wearing pants that you could shove two people into is that you don't notice when they get a little tight because they DON'T get tight.

So, I forced myself to buy capri pants and have worn them straight (except for bedtime) for two weeks. It's hard to ignore the squishy muffin top that balloons out the top of my pants, and it hurts to suck it in, so the only alternative is to get rid of it.

And I'll get right on that after I finish my cheese cake.


Tara said...

I'm spoiled by the mindless interaction of FB: *thumbs up* LIKE!

Bethany said...

Enjoy your cheesecake.:)

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