Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Annibirthversaryday!

I figured I need to catch ya'll up on our anniversary and my birthday, because I know you guys really wanted to know what we did. I can tell!

Anyway, because life is like it is, and because my MIL is awesome like she is, Jeremy and I were able to go on a Mini-Moon the week before our anniversary. It's basically a honeymoon, but it's not as fancy, and you have kids, so you only get to go out for less than a 24 hour period, in which you attempt to shove in as much fun as you can handle, and end up doing nothing except watch movies and sleep in your hotel room.

Knowing this was going to happen, I planned our day down to the minute, because, by golly, I was going to have a freaking lot of fun, thank you very much.

So, my plans were this:

Go to the mall and go shopping.

Go to a movie.

Go to lunch.

Go to Seven Peaks.

Go check into our hotel.

Go to dinner.

Go mini-golfing.

Go to another movie.

Go back to our hotel and go swimming.

Skip sleeping, because there is not time for it.

Go do other things younger, child-less people do and feel great in the morning with little to no sleep.

What actually happened:

Leave the house.

Wander around town in the car for a while.

Decide that we should go see "Snow White and the Huntsman." (Pretty good flick, by the way. Jeremy was rooting for Snow White's true love to be the huntsman, and he was biting his nails the whole time because there was a slight chance that Prince Charming might be her true love, and that would have just been wrong.)

We went to lunch beforehand at a nice little Mexican restaurant called Las Glorias, and were treated extra nice since we were the only ones there...probably because we got there at 11 AM. Hey, we were hungry...

After the movie we walked around the mall and took some silly pictures.

That is probably the closest I will get to taking family pictures until I weight 105 lbs.

We walked around and went inside stores. We usually skip them all since major "accidents" happen inside of store, like when the double stroller knocked down an entire shoe display...and we are usually walking super fast so the kids don't realize that we are walking past a candy store.

Our hotel was super nice. I totally recommend doing to the Hampton Inn, if you haven't ever gone. Of course, we paid a hefty sum for a nice room with flowers, chocolate, sparkling cider and a Jacuzzi, so the other rooms could have been rat traps for all we know. They have a nice pool, too, which we enjoyed the following morning, but were scared away by some man who decided to take off all his clothes and jump in with what looked like his underwear. I wasn't looking too closely, but it gave me the jibblies so we left.

Anyway, after jumping into the Jacuzzi for a while, we decided to go to dinner, and so we got ready and went to Texas Roadhouse. The only reason to ever go there is for their bread and whipped cinnamon butter. Everything else is just okay. Anyway, at this point we were both starting to get dizzy with tiredness, but decided that we should go mini-golfing, and so we putted around for a while. This is how the game turned out. 

Yeah. I'm really bad at mini-golf. But, so is Jeremy, so I don't feel too bad.

After that we decided to polish off our day by going to see "Men in Black 3," and Emily and Ben tagged along and shared our popcorn and a whole lot of laughs. Of course, it could have been as funny as it seemed because of how tired we were. But, maybe it really was that funny. I don't know. I don't remember much.

We woke up the next morning, had our jibblie swim, and then had breakfast. It was weird. It was like being in a cafeteria except you made your own food, and you had to wait for extremely indecisive people to pick something to eat. Underwear swimmer was noshing on some toast on one end of the dining area, so we went as far as we could to the other side.

When we got home, the kids decided that they needed to show us how much they missed us by being super rotten monsters, and we spent the rest of the day wondering where we went wrong.

Fast forward a week.

'Twas my birthday. I woke up tired. The night before was Tara's bridal shower, and I and the other bridesmaids had been hard at work from 3PM to 9PM to make it all beautiful, and besides the physical exhaustion, I was emotionally exhausted because, of the 60+ people invited, only two came.

Tara was devastated, the Maid of Honor was speechless, Annette had some choice words she wouldn't say, and I was stunned and extremely saddened.

It all hit me the next day, and with being tired, and everything, I sat on the floor in the garage next to my dryer and cried.

The day did get better, though. All I really wanted was to spend time with Jeremy, and so we were able to work things out and go get pedicures together. The extra fun bonus was having Mom and Emily come, too, so now we all have the same flowery toe nails, and go to spend some girl-but-with-some-Jeremy time.

We went out to dinner with my MIL and Uncle Dale, and then to the mall for a short walk and it evolved into a two-hour shopping trip, that ended with Jeremy morphing into a bridge troll struggling to contain his urge to eat the three billy goats gruff who were trip-tropping over his head. Eden was an angel.

That night, Emily and Ben came over and we all had cake I made, that made us sick, and enjoyed some chatter.

It was a fun week of fun, and it made me super tired and really intolerant of sugar.

Next year, I think I'll just stick with something more simple like buying my cake and sitting in a kiddie pool all weekend.

Yeah. Maybe I'll just do that now. 

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Tina said...

Oh Dara!!! TWO people showed up? Seriously? I've planned some showers and it's a ton of work so I can't even imagine only having two show up. I'm so sorry!!!
Happy Annibirthversaryday! I just giggled when I read that! I hope you have a less stressful one next year but oh what a week. How exciting to go on a mini-moon. I'd take 24 hours alone with Tyler in a heartbeat. Much needed for sure. Love those photo booth pictures too. So cute!

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