Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm a semi-avid gardener.

I get really excited in the beginning and then my interest wanes as I find more interesting things to do.

Like playing bubble shooter games...or, perhaps, sleeping.

Anyway, we planted our garden back at the beginning of April, and we've had some luck with the veggies growing there. We actually have three heads of green lettuce and big bushy masses of red lettuce, some peas, a whole bunch of squash flowers, some nice green tomatoes, and a whole bunch of other stuff I don't remember I planted. We've harvested some strawberries, and are anxiously awaiting the day our black- and blueberries are ripe. I even have some carrots and celery struggling to live.

So, anyway, the garden grew by itself, aside from the intermittent watering by yours truly, but I forgot one important, well...two important things: Weeding and Pesticide-ing.

I went out there to my disheveled garden last week and decided that, fine, I should cut back the poor lettuce and actually eat it so the whole purpose of the garden might be fulfilled.

I reached down to the happy green vegetable and pulled one of the leaves up. It was covered in aphids. Like, there was no space for the little guys to go there were so many aphids. It was like an aphid farm.

Below the aphids were some very industrious ants. I figured that they were there enjoying the shade and the food, but Jeremy informed me that the ants come along and squeeze the living daylights out of the aphids and harvest their goo.

Gave me the jibblies.

And as I progressed over my garden, completely disturbed by that image, all these daddy-long-leg type spidery things were racing about as I was ripping out weeds and I unsuccessfully attempted to smash them with my spade.

I then sprayed the entire contents of a pesticide bottle all over my two garden boxes, and kept an eager ear open to hear any screams. I was to be disappointed....

After I was done, the garden looked extremely humbled and I gave it a curt nod and went to go wash away the creepy crawlies that seemed to be all over me, but mostly under my clothes.


Anyway, I'll be spraying the garden again. Those aphids are wily creatures. I suppose I could go the more romantic route and release ladybugs and dragonflies into the garden, but I'm afraid I would end up doing something terrible to them, and they would all die within a day.

I don't need any more bug deaths on my head. 
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