Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blogger's Block

I've had you guys nagging at the back of my mind.

If I had no audience, I probably wouldn't write. I get that from Dad, I think. Always need to be entertaining someone.

But I've been so blasted tired I haven't had the wherewithal to blog anything.

There's all sorts of exciting and shocking things I would like to say, but won't or shouldn't, so I'll just pass on here for the time being. 

I will say, though, that my attempts to lose weight have sadly been thwarted by Tara's wedding, and I had to start over from square one due to the vast amounts of candy and cookies I ate.

And I guess I didn't realize how skewed my self-image was until Tara's sister posted pictures of the wedding on Facebook.

Yeah. It's always worse than you think it is and then some.

I would like to think it was because the dresses weren't designed for a human to wear (and I have quite a few witnesses that this is true), but that wouldn't explain the fat suits my arms are wearing.
I will say that my makeup looked just lovely. 


I need to print of those pictures and post them around the house to be a deterrent against treats. 

"You want to keep those hot dog arms? Well, fine, go ahead and eat that bowl of ice cream..." 

And I think it would help if I circled the parts of my body that bother me the most with a big, red Sharpie. 

Sounds like a plan. 

Of course, that would entail me circling every picture of me in its entirety. 

Stupid pictures. 


Savannah Weech said...

In the pics that I saw I thought you looked cute! If you circle all your bad spots and post them around the house, won't that make you feel crappy, always being reminded of the negative things?

Shydandelion said...

OR, I could look at it as motivation! I'll probably not do it....I don't have any ink in my printer... :D

FINDING PEACE IN 2012 said...

I think you look fabulous! I don't know why you are still trying to lose weight?!

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