Monday, June 11, 2012

Yummy on my tongue

So, I have another reason for losing weight, other than the obligatory "I want to live to be one hundred and two, and die because a bear got me, or I fell of my surf board and died because I hit my head on the great barrier reef" reasons.

I'm going to be a bride's maid.

Makes me squirm a little. I've done/been in many weddings. Many. And I hate them.

When Jeremy and I were engaged, Mom enticed me with the idea of eloping, and I wanted to so bad. Jeremy frowned and gave me sad eyes when I brought up the great alternative to a big ol' family wedding.

And I gave in to his desire. We were engaged after all. He could have asked me to do 1000 jumping jacks and I would have done it just because I thought he was so freaking cute loved him so much.

So, I have this wedding for my dear Tara in July. And I have 11 lbs to go.

The problem is, I am super good all week long, and then on the weekend my body decides it's had enough and demands things, like, well, food.

I was laying limply on the couch. I had been suffering from dizzy spells and didn't feel like moving to get myself something like an apple. My day had been full of dragging Eva around with me while I bought things for Tara's bridal shower (I'm in charge of the desserts...sad,'s a great trial for my self control. You know it's pretty bad when candy melts start looking super appetizing). I must have burned a zillion calories running all over the place and exerting patience must burn calories, and Eva helped that by asking questions like, "What happens if we don't have any arms? What happens if we don't have any heads? What happens if we don't have any houses?"

I finally cut off her string of questions with a question of my own: "What do YOU think happens?"

That seemed to work.

Anyway, so I was on the couch (wow, I totally got derailed), and Emily and Ben were sitting with me, and Jeremy had just exited his suit cocoon and was in his fuzzy pajamas.

"I'm so dizzy...." I whimpered. Jeremy was unfazed.

"Siiiiiiigggggghhh.........." I continued.

With his back to me, Jeremy responded.

"What do you need?"

A broad smile stretched across my face. I had been waiting for him to ask.

"A taco salad," I replied, and immediately started laughing hysterically. Yeah. I had low blood sugar.

"....anything else?" he replied dryly.

"French fries...OH! and an empanada!"

My very patient, loving husband put his flip flops on and left the house, burning all sorts of calories. If nothing else, I will keep Jeremy skinny.

Surprisingly when I weighed myself the next day I hadn't gained anything. Woo hoo! I had seriously consumed 1400+ calories in about 20 minutes, so to find that I hadn't done that much damage was awesome!

I made brownies to celebrate.

Blondies, actually.

I want to kiss whomever came up with brown sugar.

It's a magical thing.

My mother-in-law thought so, too, and when she discovered that we gave them all away, looked at me with sad, blue eyes and begged, "Could you make some more??"

I gave her a resounding, "YES!"

So, I did that today.

And said a silent "Hallelujah!" for brown sugar.

It's not helping my attempts to be stick-like for the wedding...but, I can just give all my blondies away.

You know the saying....

"If you can't be skinny, make your friends fat."

Done and done.

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