Monday, June 4, 2012

A very long post about what I am doing right now....

There are two major struggles in my life: losing the weight I gained after I got married, and letting my hair grow out.

I came to the conclusion that if I just switched how I think about these things, I could accomplish both. So, since I think of my hair as a crazy mess that needs to just be chopped off, if I were to switch that to losing weight, I would be super skinny, since nothing stops me when I get the bug to cut off all my hair...except that I wouldn't use scissors to solve my weight problem. And if I were to approach my hair like I do with losing weight, ie. not care most of the time, I would have long, lustrous locks (say that five times fast).

But, I like short hair...and I'm at an okay weight.

But that's not the point.

The point is, that above all else, I want to be so healthy I can run circles around Melissa....or, at least, with her....I would even settle for following in her wake of awesomeness. I know that is never going to happen, since Missy is like the Triathalon Demi-Goddess of swiftness and kick-your-heinie-ness.


That doesn't stop me trying.

And I think I've found the way to do it!

I know what you think I'm going to say.

You think I'm going to say, "Diet and exercise."

And you'd be wrong.

I'm saying "Diet AND Exercise!"


Now, I've tried everything under the sun to try and lose weight.

I've done the stupid grapefruit diet (and I couldn't hack it, and actually emailed the guy I bought the plan from, and complained, and he sent me a slight variation with something less appealing...something like lemons and soy mayonnaise.).

I tried acai berries (the whole thing is a bunch of bologna, since you can get the same effect from any berry, just take your pick).

I tried going vegetarian (lots of energy, but feeling peckish all the time is a tad disturbing. And I hate green smoothies. And kale.).

I tried the ABS diet (and, to be honest, I still like his ideas...but, for some reason, his diet made me feel like crazy person).

So, when I stumbled across Bob Harper's book, "The Skinny Rules," I thought maybe, just maybe, it might be the thing for me.

That and I love Bob.

Bob's awesome.

Anyway, I read my way through the book, and I was super excited.

He had me at "peanut butter toast with banana slices on top."

I have never been so excited to wake up and eat breakfast before in my whole life!

And it worked great! For, like, four days.

I've decided that's as far as my self-discipline extends. It's pretty sad, actually.

One of my greatest downfalls is "The Cheat Meal" (and See's candy...and ice cream...and Jeremy's persistent offering of candy bar runs...).

The ABS diet has the same thing incorporated into the plan, and it got me every time.

The Skinny Rules cheat meal has gotten me every time.

Stupid cheat meal....

I bought the book two weeks ago, and have begun and started over three times.

But, I have lost three pounds since starting.

Yes, I know, a pound doesn't sound that exciting.

But do yourself a favor and walk into your kitchen, open your cupboard and pull out a can of pineapple chunks (in juice, of course). That's about a pound.

That's a lot of weight.

It just depends on how you look at it. I mean, I want to lose about 13 lbs, so 1 pound seems so depressing. But just toss that can around for a while and you will begin to appreciate just how much that really is.

So, today, I started again. With a few modifications, of course.

Yes, yes, I know. Bob said the rules are nonnegotiable.

Well...Too bad, Bob. I love you, but it's just not going to work out.

I'm going to follow 95% of Bob's rules.

I'm just not going to NOT eat carbs for dinner. *GASP*

Bottom line, if you want to lose some crazy weight (and I lost 4 lbs in three days when I first started, and then had some major bandwagon-falling-offage, due to what may or may not have been the giant pile of rice krispie treats at Chuck-a-rama...), I would recommend Bob's book.

I actually get excited to eat (no, not in a crazy binge way) because I know I will feel satisfied after I am done. No hungry issues here, thank you very much.

Hungry Dara = super cranky monster.

Now, I have to say that even though Bob has a great plan, and I think that any person attempting to temper their body is going to struggle, because your body wants to maintain the status quo. That is when I look up, and ask God to help me control myself.

I had this inner struggle where I argued with myself that depriving my body seemed like torture, and that seemed to be disrespectful to my body, so I should just eat when I'm hungry, blah blah blah....well the fact is, that I was disrespectful to my body in the first place, and it's going to take some pain to whip myself back into shape.

And that is the price you pay for abusing your temple.

I'm a binger. I admit it. And I really like sugary things. In cupcake form. Or, maybe, California Brittle form...

Binging is the absence of self-control.

And when you don't have self control, very bad things happen.

You get fat.

And, in my case, you get fat, and then you have heart problems.

But, I know that if I do all I can, Heavenly Father will bless me with what I need to just hang on a little tighter, and will give me just enough strength to overcome my mortal body.

Okay, so the other half of this equation is exercise.

I LOVE exercise!

Except when I hate it.

Which is usually every morning when I force myself to do it.

I actually believed for a long time that eventually I would learn to love exercising, and that I would just love it and have fun, and be one of those crazy athletic people who does plank jacks just for the fun of it.

But I have come to the conclusion that I'm probably just going to hate it forever.

It was very liberating to come to this conclusion.

But, I love the results. Absolutely love them!

I've had muscles I didn't know I had appear, and it's like a reunion with a long-lost family member!

"Wow! YOU are a part of my body?!"

I'm really picky with what I do, though.

I have to keep moving, even when doing weight training.

The more calories burned, the better.

So, I do workout DVDs (think Jillian Michaels, some of the more exciting Denise Austin, Ana Caban Pilates, Yoga with Rodney Yee....), and then I run.

I hate running.

But not as much as I did when I was younger.

So, I force myself to run a mile on my treadmill, and then I make sure I go walking with the kids every day, sometimes dragging them down the street for the last half mile of our 1.5 mile walk.

Can you say Energy?



So, there's the long story of what I am doing right now. I'll keep you updated, and will answer any questions you guys have, and will even devote posts to them! 


Rebecca said...

Yeah! I have a kindred spirit! Diet and Exercise are hard for me too! Especially since my physical handicaps make it difficult for me to remain active. So, eating better helps. Soda is my weakness - huge weakness (can you say Voltage Mountain Dew?)

Since I am healing pretty quickly, I now have a little more energy and stamina to do things like cleaning. This week I plan to start working on the planters in the front yard - they need it badly. Because cleaning and hard work are exercise, this will have to do until I am able to run and bike again.

FINDING PEACE IN 2012 said...

I think I'll get off my but now and do some Pilates! You just make it sound so fun. I'm not being sarcastic either. For real. I'm going to. Right...NOW!

Tina said...

Good luck Dara!! I think you look cute with short hair but do whatever makes you happy!!I'm a cranky monster when I diet too so I choose not to. I'd love to lose some weight too so let's see what the summer holds in store for us. You are going to do great!!

Bethany said...

Ah yes, sounds like what is going on over here, too. I really would enjoy babies more if having that baby didn't also include not fitting into any of my clothes for the first 3-6 months of said baby's life. Then when I decrease calories and up exercise my milk supply drops. So I can lose weight and have a cranky baby or stay fat and be cranky, but baby is fat and happy. It's grand isn't it?

You have inspired me to want to read Bob's book. I wonder if the library has it ...

Jennifer said...

I feel your Diet and Exercise pain! I hate it, yet love how it makes me feel afterwards.

I think you look amazing.

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