Thursday, June 7, 2012

Computer Chair Potato

I'm a huge Pinterest fan.

It's amazing how fast the entire afternoon goes by just scrolling through pages and pages of other people's ideas.

After one of those kinds of afternoons, I clicked the little red box at the top of my web browser, and sort of sank into my chair.

I felt....depressed.

I thought about it for a while, trying to figure out why I was feeling poopy.

Jeremy came in at about that time, looking tired and disheveled.

"I'm depressed..." he stated.

Must be catching. Perhaps my depressed attitude had rocked to the atmosphere and had sprinkled depressive juices onto my poor, unsuspecting husband.

I sagged a little more.

", too..."

Jeremy then told me why he was depressed and when I realized that it had nothing to do with my death rain, I zoned out and just nodded when he paused and kept thinking about myself.

"I'm tired of following people around and picking up their cast-off ideas!" I spat when it seemed Jeremy was finished, and I had sufficiently convinced him that I was a supportive and sensitive listener.

He laughed, and added, "Scraping up their dregs....hee hee..."


I decided then and there that I was done pinning on Pinterest.

Time to start doing. For now I will do other people's ideas until I become awesome enough to have an original thought. Here's the link, in case you feel like being all hopscotchy.

So, because I'm a super fun mom, I ignored my children all afternoon and didn't make lunch so they could enjoy this:

Mine isn't as colorful and exciting. I didn't put polka dots on it.  I also didn't use canvas cloth because I bought a whole bunch of broadcloth and didn't feel like going back out to get some. Sewing 5 yards of cloth on a sewing machine is really not much fun, so I don't recommend doing what I did. Just in case you were wondering. And it turned out lumpy. Good thing for me my kids are easily astounded by everything I do. So, either I am a magical giant, or they think I'm too dumb to make what I do and they are incredibly surprised when I pull something off.

So, one side is hopscotch, and the other side is target practice and tic tac toe.

 I apparently had low blood sugar because I didn't realize until I had already cut everything that I accidentally made some of the Xs and Os the same color...oh well...I had intended to use the blue for the Xs and the purple for the Os....sigh...

 Kids in action....
 I had a thought as I was sitting on the floor gluing and gluing and gluing....and gluing...I was thinking that, someday, when the kids are big, they are probably going to complain that there is only one of these things, and they will end up fighting over it. Because it's awesome. Another tally for me on awesome motherness -ness!

After it was all over, I let Pepper back in. She had been exiled because she had insisted on attacking me while I was trying to line up the broad cloth on the floor.She apparently didn't like that I kept throwing her off of it. When I went into the garage looking for her, I found her in the bike trailer.

 Wounded dignity....
So, get out there! Stop just pinning ideas on your imaginary boards, and DO stuff! 


Katscratchme said...

You are so a magical giant...
I've done a few things that I found on Pinterest, but I have about a thousand other ideas that I keep staring at woefully.
I need to break out my sewing machine.. I have about 15 sewing projects waiting.

Bethany said...

Except for the desserts, right? If we all actually made all the dessert we pinned .... yikes! :)

I love your mat. How fun!

Tina said...

You are awesome Dara!! And very talented. I'm impressed that you sewed it and made it. I on the other hand would be so overwhelmed by it. Your kids are so lucky to have you!!!

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