Monday, June 25, 2012


You can listen to the whole thing, but skip to about nine minutes and twenty-five seconds...

One of the most ethereal and painfully beautiful piece of music in the whole world.

Something about it has followed me my whole life. I started out over 25 years ago plunking it out on the piano, according to Mom. Not the fancy parts, just the main theme from Rhapsody in Blue. 

I have always loved it. When I finally heard the complete score I was blown away. I decided that I needed to go and buy the piece.

So I did. 

That must have been 12 years ago.

It's been collecting dust since.

Playing this piece is daunting.

But, just after I bought it I carried it around in my backpack at school and one of my friends noticed it when I opened up the backpack for a class we both had.

"Hey, I know how to play that!"

I was immediately in love with this man, and completely jealous.

"Really?" I exclaimed. My future was with this man, I could feel it. We would have piano genius babies.

"Yeah..." he continued. "I hate it. It's just a bunch of noise. I learned it because my grandma likes it."

I immediately hated this man, and was completely disgusted with sickened jealousy.

How could he stand there in all his piano-y amazingness and tell me that?

How could this person exist at all, being able to play this coveted piece and not be completely full of happiness and joy and love for Gershwin's magnum opus???

My imaginary family with this man obviously didn't pan out.

It's probably good, though, since I would probably not get along with someone who played the piano. I don't like sharing instruments.

Anyway, I pulled it out again yesterday. I think that's going to be my new project. Along with all those Chopin pieces I so love.

My theory is, if you can play Gershwin or Chopin with any degree of competency, you are doing pretty well.

So, go and tickle the ivory, or whatever instrument you play. Play for the joy of playing! And for heaven's sake, don't play something you hate. It hurts my feelings. 


Trillium said...

My life-long favorite too. I'm blown away that Jack has the piece memorized. Thanks for dredging up the video. I had to listen to the whole thing and not merely a tiny sample. It was terrific!

Tina said...

Loved it as well. Your description of that guy reminds me of Leon from LDC. He was soooo great at the piano and I imagine him saying something like that. Hee, hee!! I too swooned over men who played the piano but how would that make me feel if my husband played better than me? Hmmm... some knowledge would be great but Tyler has NO interest in the piano so it makes me look like a professional. Makes me feel kinda good. I can't wait to see you post a video of you playing this someday. You can do it, you can do it!!!!!

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